James Blake vs The Rest Of The DJ Community

1-800 Dinosaur played us all for fools this weekend.

After making the internet believe they’d be playing a three show tour with Frank Ocean, James Blake and his boys failed to announce a venue for their TBA London date. 

James Blake has trolled hard in the past. His Radio 1 Residency was a hot spot for pesky behaviour- like the time he premiered a Jamie xx track by saying it was by a 'Simon Tallywhacker', or the time he staged a Burial interview.

Was a fake tour and a fake tour buddy taking it a step too far? Being desperate to dance with nowhere to go is a feeling worse than most, and the grape giving, venue-n-vibe championing 1-800 Dinosaur look like lads who should know this. 

Has James Blake slipped down a slope of disgrace? We compared his track record to those of his peers in an attempt to come to a conclusion. 

James Blake vs. Four Tet

Both DJs have had fun at the expense of Burial, whose face has appeared in nothing but a couple of grainy selfies since 2007. A heap of people assumed Tet and Burial were one and the same, because a couple of releases on Text and a lack of social media presence must only mean one thing. Right? Wrong. After a bit of back and forth “I am/I’m not” trolling, a broken Four Tet released this: 

James Blake vs. Four Tet: Tough one to call, considering the “are you Burial” argument dragged on for literally years. Winner is probably still Blake- at least nothing other than speculative music journalist egos got hurt during Tetgate.


James Blake vs. Diplo

Diplo's last album was called Random White Dude Be Everywhere. He shares photos of women’s bums on Instagram for promotion of his own music. He gets off on calling out other women for their apparent lack of posterior on Twitter. Diplo is pretty much the ass clown of the internet, and for this, his douchebaggery will forever trump James Blake.  

James Blake vs. Diplo: (ˠ)(ˠ)(ˠ)(ˠ)(ˠ)(ˠ)(ˠ)(ˠ)(ˠ)

James Blake vs. Zomby

Zomby's reputation as a megatroll has almost eclipsed his reputation as a DJ. His seemingly five decade problem with Twitter fuckery has involved fights with all (but not exclusively) the following: Hudson Mohawke, Roska, Scuba, Zomboy. He also caused Ben UFO, the sort of guy you’d take home knowing he’d charm your mum and leave your dad proud, to tweet this:


James Blake vs. Zomby: Duh.

James Blake vs. James Blake

How do James Blake’s antics this weekend, i.e. suggesting a prime time hip hop artist was touring with him and announcing a date that was never played, match up with James Blake’s antics of the past? Pretty spectacularly, considering the 1-800 Dinosaur road trip consisted of more than just a bit of radio banter- people actually spent time and effort hiking up to gigs that turned out to “let downs”.

But will you be compelled to refuse to listen to his new record (aptly titled Radio Silence) in protest?

There can only be one winner when you pit James Blake against James Blake...

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Written by Tamara Roper

13 Apr 2015