Four Tet

Whilst you were sleeping off your weekend bender, the unlikeliest couple went head to head at a punk venue in Camden.

Bank Holiday Sunday will go down in history as the day a presumed April Fool’s day joke came true, as EDM overlord Skrillex went head to head with Four Tet. In  a punk venue. 

Mild mannered Kieren Hebden took on Skrillex at a sold out show at Camden’s Underworld, a venue whose recent bookings include SKELETONWITCH (“Ohio’s blackened heavy metallers”) and a club night called Friday Night Detention, which promises “So Solid to the Spice Girls”.

How did this happen? Videos from the night show Four Tet practically shrinking into the wall as Skrillex whips the crowd into some sort of big room frenzy, in between a mix of Calvin Harris, Four Tet and Skrillex originals and, ahem, "Africa", by Toto.

Promoters Eat Your Own Ears have previously put Skrillex on in equally bizarre venue The Shacklewell Arms, and Twitter suggests that the two have previously been pretty friendly with one another, so who knows. Maybe Jack U’s about to lose a Diplo and gain a Four Tet. Either way, apparently the night was a banger.

Written by Tamara Roper

07 Apr 2015