Festivals 2015

The Humans
of Ultra

Come meet some of the weird and wonderful human beings we met over three days at Ultra Music Festival.

If you missed all our braggy instagrams, tweets and Facebook posts last week then you might not be aware that we spent the past seven days in the beautiful city of Miami. Every year the city plays host to a few hundred parties, a few thousand DJs and one absolutely massive festival, called Ultra.

This was our first year at Ultra and, to be honest, we're still trying to process everything we saw, heard and smelt there. But while we're grappling with the holy trinity of hangover, jet lag and PTSD, we thought you might enjoy having a look at the various creatures, I mean characters, we bumped into over the three days.

We promise that as soon as we can lie on the ground without holding on, we'll be back to bring you all the scoops, stories and sounds of Miami 2015, but until then this should give you a pretty good idea of what we got up to.

The prancing poi pixie

The kaleidoscopic rave-tiger

the high-fashion fairy

The "momma always told me to me to match my sneaks to my fanny pack" bro

the snapback street-fighting cyborg crew

The two girls, one boke

The Cybergoth prom King and Queen 1991

The #bringatowel fire bro

The life coach butterfly

The Nu Rave Cheeky Girls

The lesser-spotted tree-dwelling Tweeter

The future Queen of Disco

The fat Mau5

The Suga-Raves

The can't-find-my-mates commando

The pineapple loving unicorn-groupies

The conjugal visit

The pilled-up Pocahontas

The thinking-man's Hardwell fan


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Written by Matthew Francey

31 Mar 2015