Simon Patterson provides a back story to his new Trance Nation compilation

This year Simon Patterson will celebrate his 15th year as a trance DJ. His work has taken him around the world, and it's his internationally respected status that makes him such a fitting choice to curate Ministry Of Sound's latest Trance Nation CD. Here, he discusses his career, the future of trance and what it means to be a London night owl. 

You started DJing in London 15 years ago. Do you think clubbing in the capital has changed for better, or worse?

I don’t think it’s as strong as it used to be for my sound. I used to go out to clubs like Camden Palace and Bagley on Friday and Saturday, and then you had Sunny Side Up on a Sunday - all playing trance every week. It’s not as strong now as it was then but it’s great to see The Gallery Club at MOS still rocking every Friday night. My OU100 show there in January was packed to the rafters.

Your career has gone from strength to strength. What’s the secret to your success..?

Never giving up. Not making average music. I won’t release anything if I don’t think it’s good enough. Also having your own sound is very important

This year has already seen you play in some crazy places around the world. Where has been the biggest surprise, and why?

It’s always a surprise. I can’t remember the last time I had a bad gig- the scene is growing around the world. I think Beach Club in Montreal was really special last year. It’s in an amazing location and it’s outdoor during the summer. It’s really cool.

You’ve played at the club on many occasions. How do you find playing at Ministry of Sound?

 I love playing here. It’s such a stand out club with a unique feeling. The layout, the sound, the lighting; it’s a one off club. I grew up going there on so many occasions. The Box is a special place.

Your Trance Nation compilation for Ministry is an exciting prospect - how did it feel to be asked to front the latest edition and how did you choose what to go on it?

I was honoured. I bought the CD in 1999/2000 when Judge Jules had mixed it and I always bought it from there on in. It’s an iconic album. It’s huge for me to do it. The key was getting exclusives and quality control to make it a journey through sound.

Tell us about how did you ended up remixing indie rockers Hard Fi, an exclusive on the album?

 I just loved the original. I did my own version of it and hoped the band would like it enough to make it part of the album. Thankfully they did.

What’s your favourite track to play from the compilation when you’re DJing, and which gets the best audience reaction?

 At the moment Greg Downey & Bo Bruce ‘These Hands I Hold’ is the biggest in my sets. It’s got just the right amount of vocals and it’s got that hooky sing a long factor. Also my tracks ‘Dissolve’ or the ‘The One’ always get things moving

What’s your personal favourite track to hear on a night out?

I really don’t have one. It’s cliché but I’d rather hear stuff I’ve never heard of than older tracks.

Trance has stood the test of time as a genre. What do you think is giving it such longevity? How do you see it evolving beyond 2015?

 It’s going to get bigger. The EDM sound is moving away which is giving room to the more underground sound. The kids are growing up now and developing their own sounds and tastes which is giving the likes of techno and trance the resurgence it’s getting now.

People are excited for summer festival season already. Which are you heading to as a punter and which are you playing at?

I would love to go to Awakenings. I’m most looking forward to returning to Creamfields, UK and Electric Zoo in NYC this summer. There is so much going on.


Any last words to your fans out there..?

I hope you like the album. Thanks for all your support as always. #Uppers

Trance Nation mixed by Simon Patterson is out on Saturday, April 5th. You can preorder it from iTunes right here


30 Mar 2015