PC Music

PC Music Have Released Their First Music Video

After a storming SXSW showcase and an official Diplo release, PC Music’s QT has released a video for the XL signed track, ‘Hey QT’.

Produced by label boss AG Cook and SOPHIE, who appeared recently as a producer on the Madonna album, ‘Hey QT’ was released last summer on XL Records. 

The video is as much of a futuristic bubblegum fuck as you’d expect from the expectation bending producers- think Minority Report, but take out Tom Cruise and replace with My Little Pony and you're almost there.

If nothing else the video proves that QT is in fact a real person, rather than just a pop-bot created by the tricksters behind PC Music. What else she has to say is yet to be seen, though in the meantime, download the official Diplo remix right here, for free. 

26 Mar 2015