Tiesto’s Been Playing Bumper Cars…With A Yacht

With Miami ramping up for the start of Ultra Festival, it seems like all the excitement has gone to the heads of a few of the bigger name DJs due to be playing.

Tiesto, for example, needs to have a sit down. The Grammy winning, many time voted No 1 DJ in the world, showed his buddy David Guetta just how good a friend he is- by ploughing a yacht into Guetta’s private South Beach dock.

The yacht belonged to world famous club owner Dave Grutman, who was said to be on board accompanied by Dutch child prodigy, Martin Garrix.

In any other situation the incident might have led to a cat fight, but what’s a private dock between friends? The gang posed for an Instagram video, that can be seen here- laughing and joking with one another. 

TMZ report that the dock will cost $30,000 to repair, roughly the equivalent of what Tiesto earns per minute behind the decks.

26 Mar 2015