Lee Osborne

Lee Osborne stops by to talk about 20 years of The Gallery, and what it's meant to him

After his set playing with Infected Mushroom on Friday 27th, Lee Osborne stops by to talk about The Gallery's upcoming 20th birthday, and explain how he made his celebratory track.

Hi Lee, hope this day finds you well?

Very well indeed. I'm just sorting my set for the weekend and I've just this minute seen the reactions for the anthem for the 20th Birthday that many are playing!
First off, how was The Gallery boat party a few weeks back – the first special event on the road to The Gallery's 20th birthday?

It was brilliant thanks, I didn't get seasick, however my USB sticks didn't work so I had to use Omar Sharif's ones, massive thanks to him! 
You’ll be playing at the main event on Apr 10th, B2B with Gavyn and The Viceroy – how will this collaboration work?

The boat party was a good warm up, and it was nice that Tom came with us to our label launch night in Plymouth. The three of us B2B2B will be a journey through past and present with all of us adding in those special tracks that remind us of the last two decades of shenanigans!

As resident, you were asked to create a track especially to mark 20 years of The Gallery. How did you get to work on this project?

I had an idea in my head that really summed up the sound of the Gallery that I have been championing and sat down and wrote something that took me right to the middle of the Box and that sound system.

What software did you use to create the track, where there any special tools or plug-ins?
Cubase and a lot of hours both clubbing and playing in the main room to gain an idea of what would work.  Hopefully you all like it as much as I do.

What led you to develop this specific sound for the release?

It's been a sound I have been playing for a while, keeping it driving yet uplifting but with a serious drop but still keeping the roots of trance that we all love!


Have you had the chance to road test the track on the dance floor as yet?

Yes- it's been on a few guest mixes and also the CD I gave away at the launch party, as well as in a few of my sets.
In good old Gallery tradition, three words to describe your forthcoming set?
Advanced Trance Smashers!


Finally, a happy birthday message for The Gallery please!

Happy 20th to without a doubt the best residency one could ask for and thanks for providing the UK with some of the best line ups you could ask for! Let's hope for another 20! 

Lee Osborne will be playing at the extra-special The Gallery 20th Birthday Party.

26 Mar 2015