Jamie xx

Jamie xx Releases Debut Album Details

Super talent Jamie xx has long been a name worth noting away from his work with The xx. Though his various releases have hinted at a solo LP, it's only now that details have been unveiled. 

Set to be released in June, his first album will be called In Colour, and will be released on Young Turks, the same label responsible for putting out both xx and Coexist

It'll include previously released tracks "Girl" and "Sleep Sound", as well as a collaboration with his old school buddy, Four Tet.

If you're patient enough to sit through a high pitched ringer and a no signal screen, previews of new album tracks are now available on Jamie's website. Treat yourself here.

In the meantime, reacquaint yourself with possibly the most pleasant music video ever, where deaf dancers re-interpret "Sleep Sound".


Jamie xx's new track, "Alba" will be released as a Record Store Day special. Keep an eye out for our top RSD picks, coming soon.

24 Mar 2015