Trance titans Andy Moor and Lange team up for new STADIUM4 project.

Trance titans Andy Moor and Lange team for new STADIUM4 project

Andy Moor and Lange are two of the biggest artists in the trance scene, so when they announced that they were teaming up to tour and produce together under a new Stadium 4 alias, it's fair to say the trance community lost their shit. Ahead of their debut at Ministry of Sound this Friday, the two sat down with Track It Down to explain how the new project came about and where it's going.

The Gallery celebrates 20 years of London parties this year, Please tell us about your very first experience at the UK's longest serving weekly trance institution?

Andy Moor: My first experience was at Turnmills many years ago, I was completely smitten with the atmosphere and the passionate crowd and it really set the bar high. This same passion and energy was transferred to the Ministry of Sound.

Lange: My first time playing for The Gallery was at Turnmills too, loved the place. Really great atmosphere! Gallery is probably the longest standing event I've played since starting DJing, can't believe it's 20!

What has been your own personal highlight from your many appearances at Ministry Of Sound or Turnmills over the years?

AM: There have been so many highlights that it's difficult to pick out just one. If I had to choose, it would have been when I sneaked off into the crowd on my own and got involved with the clubbers and saw everything from a different angle.

L: Tough to pick one, most nights have been pretty epic. In recent times (easier on the memory!) the Lange Remixed Album Launch Night springs to mind a couple of years ago. Lots of friends made it down for that one too, so it was a proper celebration.

Your new collaboration project of STADIUM4 lands on the 20th March, please tell us more about this exciting new angle you are taking and how the concept came about?

L: Andy and I have done a few B2Bs since first performing together to 14,000 in San Francisco for POPNYE 2013. It's always been a lot of fun and we thought it would be great to take it a step further and start a new project in the studio and take it on the road.

AM: It gives us a chance to try something new and produce a more energetic sound under a different name. As many will know, 'Stadium Four' was the name of our first track together.

L: Yeah, and I think the name is actually fitting for what we're doing in the studio. We're working on a bigger, more epic sound. Think Festival, but strictly no cheese.

Will you still be pushing your respective solo careers or putting more energy into this new partnership over the coming months?

AM: We will still be working as solo artists, but nothing beats being able to work with another like minded artist, allowing us to vibe off each other both in the studio and on tour. The next few months we will mainly be focused on STADIUM4, creating new music and concepts

Pick one track each that sums up the very essence of what The Gallery means to you?

AM: John O’Callaghan feat Audrey Gallagher – "Big Sky" (Ben Gold Remix). The original is a classic in the UK and Ben's version makes the whole crowd go nuts.

L: I'll go for a classic, Ratty – "Sunrise" (Here I Am).  I have a version I've tweaked a bit to make the bottom end punchier.  It really never fails in the Uk for obvious reasons. I dropped it as my final track at ASOT550 at Ministry of Sound. I remember the faces in the crowd during the breakdown. Wow!

What does the next 12 months hold in store for you both? Any exciting albums or tours you'd like to tell the readers about?

AM: I’m about to release my label, AVA Recordings' 100th release, which is a collaboration with Somna. Later in the year I’ll be working on my next album, and there are also some fantastic events lined up for the summer!

L: I've got a few singles lined up, one called "Formula None" dropping on Lange Recordings. That'll be Followed by a vocal track, and also something a bit quirkier for me which has quite a house edge. Obviously the first Stadium4 track is imminent too.

With the all important Ibiza season looming and clubs cementing their plans for the summer ahead, where can we find you on the White Isle and where do you think 2015 will sit in comparison to 2014 for the trance community?

AM: We are still confirming what Ibiza dates I will be doing. Last year was a slightly different one for the Trance community, with some established Trance events mixing it up with other styles, and some of the bigger events bringing other more commercial sounds to the island. This allowed a few newcomers to take up the trance reigns, and it will be interesting to see what is in store for 2015.

L: Similar situation with me at the minute, all to be announced. Last year was good for Trance, and as Andy mentions newcomers such as the Sunk night had a good season, so should be a good year ahead.

For the studio heads out there, what software, VST's and studio gadgets are currently hitting the spot for your own productions right now?

AM: Logic is my sequencer, and I have most software available in terms of plugins but I find myself moving between them all, challenging myself to create the sounds required on something I haven’t used for a while. I also swear by the UAD plugins.

L: I'm on Cubase and have just upgraded to 8, very impressed. Plugin wise, I use the usuals... Spire, Sylenth, Massive, Omnisphere, and few more random one's like Synplant and even found myself using the Korg M1 plugin in my last production (A synth I used to own in the 90s!)

Being two very established artists in your chosen field what advice would you give to anyone embarking on their own musical career or trying to maintain a position within what can be a very tough industry?

AM: Don’t do it because you want to be “famous” or for reasons other than the love of the music. This love of music shows through in productions and performances, and with todays technology being so readily available it separates the run of the mill from the meaningful music. 

L: Don't be under any illusion, the industry is really not just about you writing good music and it all falling into place, it's a tough ride. The BS marketing machine is at work so advancement needs you to market yourself more than ever, even if fame's not your end game.  BUT in amongst the 100s of generic tracks flooding DJs inboxes every week there are the gems, and I know I'm always on the listen out for exciting new artists for the label. If you're truly passionate about what you're doing, don't give up, success often lands past the point of where it would be all too easy to give up.

Interview courtesy of Track It Down.

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16 Mar 2015