Gallery 20 Memories

The Gallery faithful recount their favourite memories from the past twenty years.

Before the 20th Birthday Bash, we got some of the Gallery Faithful to recount their favourite memories from the past twenty years

Stuart McDonald: Been to Ministry loads of time. Dash Berlin, Aly & Fila etc. My partner and I both enjoy the hospitality of Ministry of Sound and travel a good way for what is the best Friday night. I always bounce to the front. Thank you Ministry and heres to many more happy years ahead.

Mel: I moved to Farringdon to be closer to my beloved Turnmills and I made some life long friends – no laser will ever live up to the Turnmills one! However my best night has to be the night Ionut and I got engaged – Ferry Corsten was playing and he drank champagne with us to celebrate x

Matt: Definitely the last dance at Turnmills was the best for me. That and the Christmas party at Ministry in 2008 when Armin played 2.5 hours followed immediately by Markus for 3 hours till close, unbelievable that was.

Andy: Probably my favourite memory is one of the many times I saw Above & Beyond at Turnmills. They’d just played another great tune I’d never heard before so went to go and ask them what tune it was (loved how you could do that at Turnmills). Rather than telling me, Paavo told me to hang on a bit, went and ejected the deck, circled the track on the tracklist for the disc and gave it to me.

Georgina: I moved to London this time last year, not knowing anyone and I happened to meet my now best friend on The Cosmic Gate Gallery boat party.. I went on my own and needed someone to travel to the club with after the party (as I’d never been) it was incredible to say the least. We have been at Ministry just about every Friday since! We have too many memories to name but I will always remember that boat party for it changed my whole time in London. In the year I’ve now met countless friends I’ll remember forever!

Lars: A big congrats to The Gallery, Management, Staff and The Gallery fans on reaching this 20 year milestone. Choosing my favourite moments isn’t easy given the high consistency in quality, fun and excellence of the nights I’ve been. Yes, I’ve been to a fair few. But a couple stand a little higher than the rest. Hearing G&D Tracking Treasure Down dropped with my wingman Ellis in the filthy atmosphere in the depths of Clerkenwell. Really miss those banging closing sets by the Viceroy & Gav At Ministry of Sound. The infamous Armin Van Buuren Gallery Christmas Party of 2008, to this day I’ve not seen the main room quiet like that, an atmospheric experience yet to be surpassed. Thank you to all involved, for the awesome jobs you do. Bring on the next 20 years!

Karl: Playing the closing set in the main room in June 2006 was one of my best DJing moments. When I caught a couple ‘getting it on’ to the left of the DJ booth whilst playing for Vaccine in December 2007 has to be one of the funniest moments. Clubbing moments too many to remember. I met so many great people who I am friends for life with.

Anette: I often to always wear fairy wings, a wand and a tiara to Turnmills in the 90s… and all my friends called me “Fairy”… I was at a business meeting a couple of weeks ago and someone who knew me from those days called me “Fairy” – which took a bit of explaining to my work colleagues.

For more trips down memory lane, visit The Gallery 20 mini-site.

The Gallery will celebrate an astonishing twenty years at the forefront of trance on 10th April.

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