Glaswegian producer and DJ, Grum talks about his Essential Mix and what he's got in store for Ministry of Sound.

Glaswegian producer and DJ, Grum, talks about his Essential Mix and what he's got in store for Ministry of Sound this Friday

Hi there, I hope this day finds you well?

Grum: Hello, yes, it’s a freezing day up in Glasgow, but I’m keeping warmed by finishing up a bunch of new music to try out at Ministry of Sound.

Firstly congrats on your Gallery debut! How did you hear the news?

Thank you! It's a dream to play there in the main room. I was bunkered up in the studio as usual and got a very nice email from my manager. I was buzzing!

We know a lot of people are still listening to last year’s Essential Mix. How did this come about?

The essential mix was another dream come true, after growing up listening to them and holding the show in very high regard.  There was a point last year where Pete, Annie and B.Traits were all heavily supporting my tunes & remixes on Radio 1 (especially “The Theme” and my remix of Shift K3y’s “Touch”).  So I guess it just made sense to get me in to do it.  After 2 weeks of very little sleep and about 20 different versions I finally came up with something I was happy with.  It’s great that people are still listening to and discovering it.

Coincidentally, it includes a few Gallery classics such as "Xpander" and "Yimanya". Did you compose the EM differently to a normal club show?

In a way, yes.  The general flow of the mix is similar to how I’d put a club show together, but I wanted to drop in a few forgotten classics as well.  Those tunes, and many from that era have a very special feeling to them which doesn’t often exist in modern electronic music, so it was nice to get them in there to show where I’m coming from.

What was your first big break in the industry?

In a way I’ve almost had two music lives as I developed my style a bit from what I was doing before.  I think that first radio play by Annie or Pete was a massive deal and always cements the idea in your mind that you’re doing something “good”.

Having been invited by Anjunabeats this Friday, does their involvement make the night more poignant?

Yes!  I’m a big fan of everything they are doing.  I had the opportunity to play some amazing support slots for the Above & Beyond guys in Europe and the UK.  Of course it will also be lovely to catch up with Jonas Fehrplay and meet Andrew and Genix too.

Favourite release on the Anjunabeats label?

I think I’ll have to go old skool here and say Oceanlab - "Clear Blue Water".  Both the original and the Ferry Corsten mix. Classic!

Finally in good old Gallery tradition, use three words to describe your forthcoming set?

Depth, Energy, Euphoria!

Grum will be supporting Andrew Bayer in The Box at Anjunabeats on Friday 13th March.

Grum's new single, "Sunday Blue Sky" is out on 10th March.

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09 Mar 2015