Tunisia Hosts
Star Wars Rave

The desert location for Luke Skywalker's home planet, Tatooine hosted a 6,000 person Star Wars rave.

The desert location for Luke Skywalker's home planet, Tatooine hosted a 6,000 person Star Wars rave

Les Dunes Electroniques 2015 : Official Trailer by LesDunesElectroniques

How'd you like to join 6,000 ravers on the far planet of Tatooine for a party with Jabba, Luke and C3-P0? Well Tunisia might just be the destination for you. Les Dunes Electroniques , now in it's second year, may well be the world's most unique dance festival. Taking place at the end of February in the middle of the Sahara dessert, the location for the festival was used as the outdoor set for Luke Skywalker's home planet of Tattoine nearly forty years ago.

The desert planet is a fan favourite and was home to a range of strange creatures and metallic-igloo like structures. The building are still there to this day and in fact served as the back stage area for the festival.

Les Dunes Electroniques in full swing. (via)

Running over two days, the partygoers braved desert conditions and a delicate security situation to see Kolsch, Derrick May and Superpitcher along with a host of native DJ talent over two days.

While this may sound like a Star Wars fan's wet dream, Al Jazeera reported that the majority of the attendees were Tunisian dance aficionados, rather than die hard star wars fanboys. Though there were more than a few people who brought their best Stormtrooper suits for the occasion.

The set for the town of Mos Isa serves as the backstage area. (via)

2015's edition ran from the 20th to 22nd February and despite heavy rain (yup, in the Sahara!) cancelling the first night, went off without a hitch. The Tunisian government had provided additional security to alleviate any concerns - Tunisia has recently been dubbed an 'breading ground for ISIS' - but with visible threat, the army helicopters provided additional entertainment with repeated fly-bys.

We don't know about you, but we think we're adding this one to next year's To Do List.

Find out more about Les Dunes Electroniques here.

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Written by Matthew Francey

04 Mar 2015