Prodigy "Wild Frontier"

If we had to sum up the subtext, it'd be: "hunting = bad". Take that establishment!

Stop everything! The Prodigy have a brand new video out

The Prodigy continue on their quest to re-conquer the UK dance scene with the third track, "Wild Frontier", from upcoming full length, The Day Is My Enemy. The new track is accompanied by a brand new stop-motion video. The video continues with The Prodigy's recent trend of featuring blood-thirsty woodland critters taking their revenge on humanity - it even features a cameo from the previous video's demon fox. 

If I had to sum up the subtext in two words, it'd be: "hunting = bad". Take that establishment!

The Day Is My Enemy is due out on 30th March.

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Written by Matthew Francey

25 Feb 2015