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Markus Schulz

Ahead of his huge headline set this weekend, unicorn slayer, Markus Schulz give us his top five tracks.

Ahead of his huge headline set this weekend, unicorn slayer, Markus Schulz give us his top five tracks

Markus Schulz Feat. Lady V - "Winter Kills Me"

My current vocal single and one that has played a significant role in significant occasions. I actually played a very early demo of this during my Ministry of Sound residency night in May, and after finishing it later in the summer, I held it back as a showcase moment in my sets. It was the final song of my Amnesia Ibiza residency, the final track of my last ever appearance at The Guvernment in Toronto, and the final track of my performance at Transmision in Prague. So when it came to November's Ministry of Sound show, it had gathered so much momentum that it became anthemic for The Gallery faithful already.

Fisherman & Hawkins - "Skypunch"

The Dutch boys have fuelled my DJ sets for quite some time now, with tracks such as "Apache" and "Underworld" becoming staples in my sets for quite some time. We recently welcomed them to my Schulz Music Group booking agency, so you can expect to see their DJing talents expanded going forward. "Skypunch" has been absolutely chaotic any time I have played it, and I'm looking forward to playing it again in London.

Markus Schulz - "Bayfront (Miami)"

This is part of my ambitious project for 2015, where each month of the calendar year I will dedicate a brand new instrumental production to a particular city. The concept began with my hometown of Miami, because I played at Club Space on New Year's Eve for the first time in over a decade. I can see this being massive at Ministry of Sound, imagine the sirens and that melody piercing The Box! London is a city I definitely have to dedicate a track to this year, because of the residency with you guys. Maybe whatever month we do the open to close solo set will be London's month!

Kenneth Thomas - "The Fade"

Kenneth is a longtime friend of mine and he sent me this towards the tail end of last summer. It's a remake of the massive original by Oliver Lieb under his Ambassador alias, and I actually remember going wild to this when attending Turnmills and Ministry of Sound as a clubber, when living in London at the turn of the millennium. So it's great to have an updated version that keeps the soul of the original, and can fit the modern day live sets.

Paul Oakenfold Feat. Tiff Lacey - "Hypnotized" (Markus Schulz Remix)

When the godfather of trance asks you to do a remix, you simply do not refuse! Paul is a bonafide legend of our industry and I have learned so much about the business simply through conversations with him. He asked me if I would be interested in doing a modern take on "Hypnotized" and I was flattered, because I loved the original and Tiff Lacey's vocals are among the most memorable. So hopefully it will be a highlight moment for many residency nights to come.

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05 Feb 2015