Andrew Bayer

Before he takes over The Box to headline the Anjunabeats Xmas party, we grabbed a few minutes with Andrew Bayer.

Before he takes over The Box to headline the Anjunabeats Xmas party, we grabbed a few minutes with Andrew Bayer

Hi Andrew, hope this day finds you well?

Doing great, thanks very much! Trying to do this whole sleeping early and less caffeine thing. It’s working so far!

Your previous visit to The Gallery was last July, tell us about that night?

Such a great night. I chatted with a bunch of people after the show in the smoking area outside. They were lovely. I’m very lucky to have such a cool fan-base, and I think that carries over for Anjunabeats in general as well.

Since then, you played Madison Square Garden in NYC for #ABGT100. Did you prepare any differently to a normal club show?

Yes definitely. Since it is live broadcasted, you can’t go a second over or under, so it’s quite stressful making sure that you’re finishing perfectly on time, down to the second. Also with those sort of huge events, I generally tend to mix quicker and make the set a bit snappier. 

Coinciding with the above, you other shows in the USA were part of your Do Androids Dream Tour. Tell us more about this concept? 

It has been such a fun thing to explore. People usually do tours after releasing music, I was doing a tour on which I played music from the release that no one knew yet. It was a really organic experience, getting to test out new music on a tour, while also being able to play a bunch of my catalogue that people knew already. 

This Friday is the Anjunabeats Xmas party, how did you first get involved with the label?

I signed my first record to Anjuna when I was in Signalrunners when I was 18! Nearly 10 years ago now. Pretty wild! 

How will you be spending Christmas day itself?

I will be in my pajamas drinking Bloody Mary’s with my mom. Making Bloody Mary’s are my true calling, actually. I am much better at making them than making music. 

Early candidate for breakthrough artist of 2015?

Ghost Culture, definitely. 

One track you will definitely be playing on Friday is…?

"Super Human", my new vocal track with the unbelievably talented Asbjørn. 

Finally in good old Gallery tradition, three words to describe your forthcoming

Merry Christmas, Bitches!

Andrew Bayer will be headlining the Anjunabeats Christmas Party on Friday 12th December

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Written by The Gallery

08 Dec 2014