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London based DJ and producer As I Am, has just released new track "Saving Grace" with our BFF's Defected Records.

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London based DJ and producer As I Am, has just released new track "Saving Grace" with our BFF's Defected Records. Already recieving heavy play from Pete Tong, Danny Howard and one Mr. Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales.

As I Am is making a name for himself due to his powerful use of bass, with a slight electro undertone and the ability to whip up a tuneful club-focused house classic. Hes due to support legendary house DJ, David Morales in our club on 27th December so we thought we'd corner him for a quick chat and an exclusive, Spotlight mix.

Spotlight 025: As I Am by Ministry Of Sound on Mixcloud

First of all thanks for doing an exclusive mix for us, what did you go for in the mix? Is this a representation of what you play out now or more what you listen to at home?

This is what I would play out but toned down a little,  when I’m out I like to access the situation I’m in and flirt with the more ruthless dubby side of house.

For those who may be new to your music, how would you describe your sound

As a producer I can be quite random depending on my mood, I like a good balance between a good baseline, piano stabs and a nice vocal, but from time to time I like to explore, it's fun to explore. My sound is house everything house.

How did you first get into music, when did you know you wanted to be a DJ?

I'm from London and listening to the older kids from my area talking about going to clubs/raves to listen to certain DJs always used to fascinate me. I used to try using two different stereos to mix at around 12 years old, one had a cd player on my new one so I used to use it to play samples over the music already playing, at the time CD and its “Skip” feature was a new thing so it was quick and easy to change samples.  I hope you understood that [laughs].

What have you got coming up on the horizon?

"Saving Grace" featuring Nicola Tate was out yesterday on Defected Records the response to that has been unreal, also another track with Nicola, "Better Place" is out at the end of December.

What can the Ministry of Sound crowd expect from your set on Saturday 27th December?

Expect good vibes!! I like to start my sets with a good feel, nothing too harsh on the ears then build things up to a more aggressive sound, but with this I do like to drop the odd track out of the blue which people would never predict. Predictable is sometimes safe but sometimes boring… It's nice to be unpredictable.

You’re supporting legendary DJ David Morales, who is your ultimate House hero?

House hero… Tricky to be honest as there are so many great DJs/producers out there… Since I was about 16 I always love Todd Edwards, I could name around 50 tracks across all genres of house and techno which have touched me at some point… But there is one song I would love to see live… Groove Armada - “Paper Romance” I actually think I would stand at the front screaming like a love sick teenager!

Where did the name As I Am come from?

I am what I am it's just me AS I AM….

What do you think of the state of dance music at the minute?

I think its healthy and stronger than ever, however, there are way too many pigeonholes everywhere at the moment…. lots of producers calling each other out which is a shame, music is about fun, the bigger producers should be pleased with their achievements and concentrating on their next goals rather than worrying about others. But as a whole I thinks its great, diversity is key and creativity will prevail.

What do you like to do on your day off, what’s a typical Sunday like for you?

Relax on the sofa around family all day… That rarely gets to happen in my world.

How do you prepare for a gig?

I probably think about it from the Monday all through the week leading up, not planning a set but thinking about what kind of crowd it might be and what kind of vibe they will enjoy. Don’t get me wrong I rarely compromise when it comes to the music I play but it also depends on who’s before or after me. Setting the mood at the start of a set is vital.

Who are your dream collaborators, past or present?

Todd Edwards.

Tell us something we don’t know about As I Am?

I have performed at Ministry Of Sound under three different alias’s over the past 14 years. Also I used to play as a goalkeeper for Crystal Palace FC Youth Academy until I quit at 14 haha.

As I Am will be supporting David Morales on Saturday 27th December.

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Written by Matthew Francey

01 Dec 2014