Weekly Roundup 004

A handy list of everything that's been going on this week.

A handy list of everything that's been going on this week

We know you're busy and you probably don't have time to read Ministry Magazine every  day - even though you definitely should - so we've compiled this super easy to use list of everything we've been up to this week so you can catch up over the weekend. Wasn't that nice of us?


It was a bumper week for videos on Ministry Magazine this week. First up on Wednesday we had the first in our genre-specific interviews for the Ministry of Sound Versus Campaign. This week, Todd Terry entered the fray to give his thoughts on house and why it's the genre to beat them all, watch it here. Then on Thursday we saw the return of everyone's favourite clubbing virgins, find out what happened when we followed Pete and Kyle on their Road to Ministry of Sound... Again.


This week's Spotlight came from UK duo and pioneers of 'Australian House', SYV, read them try to explain just what, exactly, 'Australian House' is and listen to their mix here. The on Thursday we had the man behind track of the year contender "Okay", Shiba San in the Guest Mix for The Sound of Deep House, listen here.


This week saw the unveiling of DJ Fresh's latest single "Gravity". The track continues Fresh's illustrious roster of collaborators by featuring UK songstress Ella Eyre. Listen to and pre-order "Gravity" here. We also stumbled across what we believe to be the longest ever remix, a 32 minute mammoth from the hard-to-spell, easy-to-like Ricardo Villalobos.


As GTA V was finally released for PS4 and XBox One with a host of new tracks - and as our editor is a GTA & music obsessive - we counted down the best new tracks in the game. In Timehop Tracks we looked back to when Gary Numan's debut album helped usher in the 80s and a new era in electronic music as he wrestled synths from the clammy hands of progressive rock. Finally are Aural History was looking back at the career of French electro titan, Vitalic.


On Monday Jimmy Poolside was on hand to sort out your hangover with his chilled track of the week, this week we had Ifan Dafydd with "Eclipse". Then on Wednesday our BFFs Defected Records began their new house track of the week, with Pyrocight's "Elementary". 

21 Nov 2014