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from GTA V

We have a look at the best new tracks from the updated version of GTA 5.

We have a look at the best new tracks from the updated version of GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto V is a big deal, so big in fact that when it first launched in  September 2013, it became the fastest selling entertainment product in history. The updated version of Grand Theft Auto V was finally released for PS4 and Xbox One this week and comes with over 120 new tracks for the game's already stellar soundtrack. 

Music and GTA go hand-in-hand, ever since GTA 3, when for the first time the in-game radio stations featured tracks by real-life artists. The soundtrack has become one of the most talked about aspects of subsequent GTA games. Everyone has their favourites, some favor the 80s sheen of Vice City's Flash FM, others the old skool hip hop on San Andreas' Radio Los Santos, and others still the pounding mid-noughties bangers of GTA 4's Electro-Choc

Personally I can't make my mind up between Vice City's Fever 105 (surely one of the all time greatest disco playlists) or San Andreas' acid house leviathon, SF-UR, but for today I'll be looking forward, not back, and bringing you the best tracks from the new updated version of GTA V. 

The Chakachas - "Stories"

This isn't The Chakachas first appearance in a GTA game, their hit song "Jungle Fever" helped soundtrack many a tech-9 driveby in the PS2 classic San Andreas, where it was featrued on Master Sounds 98.3.

Parliament - "Flash Light"

While this is Parliament's first outing in GTA land, their founder, George Clinton, not only had a song ("Loopzilla") in San Andreas, but also voiced the host of Bounce FM - the station on which it appeared. 

Cameo - "Back and Forth"

Another Bounce FM alumni, Cameo's hit song "Candy" was the perfect theme for a race across the dunes of Tierra Robada in a Bandito. Now "Back and Forth" can be your track of choice for anything from working on the docks to exploring the seabed in The Submersible. Also, that video!

Blow Monkeys Ft. Kym Mazelle - "Wait"

So, so, so surprised this didn't pop up in Hans Oberlander's SF-UR playlist. That acid synth was pretty much ubiquitous on his genre-defining radio show. To quote Hans: "I'm Hans. That's about it really. Shut up and dance, you fools!"

Jamiroquai - "Alright"

Although Trevor's Bodhi truck is always tuned to the hardcore and rock stations, I can imagine him blasting this and dancing round his trailer when nobody's looking.

Dirty Vegas - "Days Go By"

A favourite in the Ministry office, this couldn't get much more Los Santos - just look at that video. I'm certain that very same hot dog joint pops up in San Andreas with a Grove Street tag on it.

Yeasayer - "ONE"

Not strictly dance music this one, but it's one of the absoulte bangers from the indie-dance crossover era that just so happened to coincide with the emergence of the GTA 3D Universe, which led to the game's massive popularity. If you were bopping this on your 1st gen iPod after school, chances are you remember bribing older siblings to buy you a copy of Vice City. 

SBTRKT - "Pharaohs"

While SBRTKT may be more suited to dark London council estates than the glitz and glam of Vinewood, who doesn't want to hop in a Jetmax and cruise to Vespucci Beach with this pumping?

Flume - "What You Need"

At first listen, this track seems all speed boat, sun rays and sand dunes, but I think it'd also fit perfectly with that sense of elation you get when you finally get the P-996 Lazer of the ground under a hail of bullets and go for your first loop-the-loop missile launch combo. Bliss.

Jimmy Edgar - "Let Yrself Be"

Chances are you'll never actually get to blast this while speeding your suped-up muscle car around a night-time street race, thankfully Rockstar were kind enough to include this absolute banger as a consolation prize. Seriously though, this track sounds like it was conceived specifically for the Midnight Club heads.

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