Pleasure State

The new collaborative effort from MK, Lee Foss and Anabel Englund- Pleasure State.

Hot Creations have unveiled details of their new collaborative project entitled "Pleasure State."

Comprising of industry powerhouses MK, Lee Foss and Anabel Englund, this is certainly an exciting trio with potential for great things. 

The project sees the trio pushing their associated genres and according to Hot Creations, Pleasure State's EP is influenced by artists such as Prince, Massive Attack, The Cure, Alicia Keys and Outkast.

Their first 3-track EP Ghost In The System features two originally produced tracks and offers a Carl Craig remix of "Electricity" – the title track from MK and Foss’ 2012 EP, which featured Englund’s vocals.

While we have to wait for Ghost In The System's 1st December release date, we can catch up with the Route 94 remix of MK's latest single "Always" below.

03 Nov 2014