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In celebration of our Verus campaign we take a look at the most iconic names in Chill.

In celebration of our Versus campaign we take a look at the most iconic names in Chill


Although his live sets are anything but chill - check out his XLR8R Podcast if you don't believe us - the original hipster is best known for this game-changing track that brought ambient into the mainstream and pretty much led to the creation of chillout music. "Porcelain" is the sound of a hundred feet being put up, a thousdand chairs reclining and a million daydreams. This is why Moby will always be the undisputed king of chillout.


The Norwegian duo are responsible for two of the most iconic chillout full lengths in Melody AM and The Understanding. While in recent years they've taken a more upfront pop direction, with frequent collaborations with Swedish songstress, Robyn, classic tracks such as "Sparks", 'Eple" and "So Easy" feature on just about every chillout playlist ever created.


The Danish producer's debut full length The Last Resort, was a two disc journey through frozen soundscapes and permafrost melancholy. Tracks such as "Miss You", "Moan" and "Even Though You're With Another Girl' have the cracked chill of deep winter. His mix CD Harbour Boat Trips: Copenhagen was an icy mix of primarily acoustic music that perfectly captures a voyage across an frozen bay. However his remix of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Games" is perhaps his finest hour. Nowhere can such a powerful mix of broken hearts and laidback beats be found. 


Dan Snaith's second full length Our Love was released in the dying days of summer 2014 and is a strong contender for album of the year. Lead single "Can't Down Without You" was the soundtrack to every festival comedown and difficult breakup of the summer while title track "Our Love" threatens to be the opening and closing track at every christmas party this winter. 


UK producer Bonobo has been producing laidback ambient and experimental trip hop since 1999. Championed by everyone from Giles Peterson to Mr. Scruff, he's got five studio albums of purest chill under his belt and his most recent single - 2013's "Cirrus" - has become ubiquitous across the UK, catch it playing in a bedroom, waiting room or TV commercial near you.

Jacques Greene

Jacques Greene's production techniques seem relatively simple: take one part atmospheric bass, add two parts RnB hook, pitch everything up to maximum angst and boom, you've got a majestic casual anthem to soundtrack you're next text-message breakup. While he's best known for his astounding live sets and collabs with BFF Koreless on "The Look" and "Arrow", I reckon he's at his best when he's turning Ciara into a broken-hearted teenager on "Another Girl".

Mount Kimbie

The duo have been producing sideways electronica that defies definition for six years now. The Warp-signed production team have two full length EPs under their belt along with a string of glowing reviews from everyone from The Guardian to DJ Mag. Their brand of fussy, static-y, hooky ambience looks like it's going to be soundtracking both our wind-downs and our smoke-ups for a long time to come.


UK producer Will Philips is a master at crafting heartbreaking bass music. His Patterns EP contains four tracks of pure melancholy set against the best emotional electronica around. Guest vocalists Will Heard and Leanna La Havas provide the angst on "I Can't Keep Up" and "Patterns", but Will is at his best when he's flying solo. "You Girl" was our first taste of Tourist's production and it retains prized position in our playlists and our hearts.

Cyril Hahn

Cyril Hahn has been giving the laidback bass treatment to just about every RnB diva in the game. He's turned his hand to everyone from Mariah and Beyonce to Jesse Ware and Amy Winehouse. But it's his treatment of little bey's "Losing You" that marks Mr.Hahn out as a chillout master. 

Flight Facilities

Fresh faces Australian duo, Flight Facilities, have been carving a name for themselves in the poolside playlists of chilled house. 2014 saw them release their first full length and score an appearance in the Mixmag DJ Lab. They've worked with various vocalists including Elizabeth Rose and Micky Green, but it's Giselle's sultry ambivalence on "Crave You" that tops my chilled chart every time.

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Written by Matthew Francey

02 Nov 2014