Cosmic Gate

We caught up with Cosmic Gate ahead of their Halloween performance at The Gallery.

Ahead of their Halloween appearance at Ministry of Sound this Friday, we caught up with the guys from Cosmic Gate for a pre-set chat

Hi guys, how are you doing today?

Thank you, yes! We are in good spirit and shape, looking forward to being back in London with you guys on Friday.

Your last appearance at Ministry of Sound was in March, what is your best recollection of the night?

We always have a blast to play Ministry, it’s like coming home to see the family! So it was in March? The end of the night turns out to be a bit blurry in our memory, how did that happen?!

This Friday sees The Gallery’s Halloween spectacular, what makes this night so unique for a party?

Halloween nights always have this special extra on top, clubbers in crazy, scary or sexy costumes to add some extra craziness - perfect for a party and a dark room like Ministry!

What is your advice on choosing the best fancy dress costume?

As said before, be scary, sexy or maybe both.

What's the scariest thing that has ever happened to you whilst DJing?

Nothing as scary as the typical DJ nightmare. You are in the middle of a set and a record runs out. There is no new track ready to play, but then you fortunately wake up…

"Wake Your Mind" has received a great reaction, have you been pleased with the response?

Yes we have been very pleased with the response, as it was not a given to us that the album will be received as well from both fans and critics. This is as Start To Feel was not going down the road of EDM mainstream, we did our own thing and created something more melodic and touching at times that – in that the 'drop'basically rules it all! That’s why we are more than pleased that our fans still share our taste in music, and obviously were waiting for something different to come.

What new projects have you in the pipeline?

More singles from Start To Feel  with fantastic new remixes will be released in the coming months, we will do a mix compilation offering some unreleased and new tracks as well, new productions are in the early stage already too. Basically we will keep busy.

Finally in good old Gallery tradition, use three words to describe your forthcoming set?


Words: Nish Palawan

28 Oct 2014