We want you to get behind your favourite dance music genre and tell us why it's better than all the rest.

We want you to get behind your favourite dance music genre and tell us why it's better than all the rest

We're pitting the various dance music genres against each other in an effort to decide once and for all which is the most popular scene within dance music. There are too many sub-genres, spin-offs and hybrids to list them all here, so we've narrowed it down to the six biggest and broadest terms.

Over the next three weeks we'll be bringing you exclusive content focusing on a certain genre for each day of that week before eliminating a genre from the running at the end of that week.

We want you to get behind your genre by tweeting us using the hash tag #ILOVE and the name of your genre. Once we get down to the final two we'll put together a brand new compilation featuring the biggest tracks from each genre mashed-up in an exclusive new versus mix.

Over the course of the three weeks the team at Ministry of Sound along with a number of figureheads from each genre will help those undecided voters to pick a side in the battle of the genres.

Lets take a look at the contenders:


Do you love, four-to-the-floor beats, Frankie Knuckles mixtapes , tie-dye and snapbacks? Then get behind the genre of the moment, tweet your support using #ILOVEHOUSE


If designer clothes, Champagne on ice and smooth urban sounds are more your thing then get behind the UK's beloved homegrown genre and use #ILOVEGARAGE


If you need a little more emotion in your music, a little more colour in your clothes and a little more read in your locks, then it's probably Trance that warms your heart. Join the trance family with #ILOVETRANCE


If pounding drums, sinister synths and a whole weekend lost in the caverns of Berghain sound like your clubbing heaven then nail your colours to the metallic mast of the techno tanker and tweet us  #ILOVETECHNO

Drum & Bass

If you like things a little more underground, a little more aggressive, and a little more bass in your face, then join the D&B heads by tweeting us #ILOVEDRUM&BASS


And finally, if you're a little more afterparty than preparty, a little more chill out than rave out, then join your horizontal brethren and tweet us #ILOVECHILLED

Look out for exclusive genre-related content over the course of the next three weeks on Ministry Magazine and Versus when it hits stores next year.

27 Oct 2014