Ahead of their performance at Ministry of Sound on 11th October we caught up with Maribou State to see just how well Liam and Chris know each other.

Ahead of their performance at Ministry of Sound on 11th October  we caught up with Maribou State to see just how well Liam and Chris know each other. 

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Firstly Chris, would Liam rather  have arms for legs or legs for arms?

Without question, arm's for legs. Liam's quite the performer and I think he would love the chance to show off a pretty lengthy hand stand. I'm pretty sure he has actually personally expressed a keenness to be able to perform a handstand on cue. 

Liam, what is Chris’ worst habit? 

Rushing... Not sure if it's a habit but its annoying. I often find all my kitchen cupboards and drawers open after he's made a sandwich. No time to shut them. He sawed through our studio desk when we built it and had to reattach it with a bodged bit of wood. Stuff gets deleted that's needed. You get the idea. 

Chris, would Liam prefer to wade through cold custard or shower in cold baked beans?

Wade through custard. As much as he likes a good tin of baked beans, I'm sure he would prefer to avoid the mess and whack on a pair of waders.

This ones to both of you, who wear the trousers in the relationship?

L: Let's just say things get deleted, named and decided on without prior warning. 

C: I Do. Liam prefers to wear sparkly dresses.

Liam, would you rather spend a night out with your parents or Chris’ parents?

Chris' dad is Burial, it's not a well-known fact, but it's true. So I'd definitely want to spend a night out with him. Plus he's known to drink a drop of whiskey, take his top off and play guitar by the bonfire all night. I think he sleeps in a compost heap. 

To both of you, if you were going to bring in a third DJ/producer who would it be?

L: Chris' Dad 

C: 2 Knuckles AKA DJ Krazzi AKA Big P AKA Plankton AKA Peter Destrian

Chris, what is Liam’s favourite song? 

I know he's got a few but I'm pretty sure The Knife - "Heartbeats" would be high up on the list.

Liam, who would Chris say is the better DJ of the two of you?

He'd say himself. Not true though, he's scared of mixers and hates DJin.

To both of you, what’s the one track the other one loves, but that you hate?

L: I can't think of anything Chris listens to that I dislike although I'd bet my last Rolo the feeling is not mutual.

C: Our musical tastes are surprisingly quite different, so to narrow it to one would be a bit of a challenge. 

And finally for both of you, which actor would play each other in a movie of your lives?

L: Chris' gym instructor told me the other day that he thinks Chris looks worn for his age, with that in mind, I think Steve Buscemi would play him well. 

C: Liam had an app on his phone that said he looked like Tom Hanks, so i reckon he would like me to say him. But realistically John Goodman would fit the bill.

Don't miss Maribou State at Ministry of Sound alongside Derrick May, Kry Wolf and many more on 11th October.

24 Sep 2014