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Ahead of their upcoming visit to Ministry of Sound, we caught up with Super8 & Tab to ask them a few questions about Ministry, collaborations and their new release.

Ahead of their upcoming visit to Ministry of Sound, we caught up with Super8 & Tab to ask them a few questions about Ministry, collaborations and their new release

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Hi guys, how are you today?

Hi there, thanks for asking. We just came back from Ibiza, after playing Cream Amnesia. What a night!

Your previous visit to Ministry was in June, coincidentally also with Anjunabeats!  What was your best recollection of the night?

Coming back to Ministry is always a huge highlight for us. Seeing the awesome reaction of the audience when we dropped the latest version of upcoming single ‘Let Go’ was one of the definite highs– we can’t wait to be back in Ministry for this album release party.  The vibe is always so breathtaking and the people are simply amazing!

Where did the name ‘Unified’ come from for the new album?

The name stems from the feeling of being united with the people around us. We were lucky to be able to collaborate with our favourite artists on this album, and we also both had kids last summer - so the feeling of being unified wherever you are in the world is really important. Thus, our aim and true passion is to be able to get people together and experience a common feeling of being united while listening to our music. No matter who you are and where you are, we want to make you unified.

Does it have a specific concept in terms of sound?

‘Unified’ is more club-ready than Empire was, but it is still easy to listen to in any situation, any time of the day. 

What are the main similarities and differences to your first studio album ‘Empire?’

We are working with same vocalists on this album. This time we just decided to do even more tracks with Julie Thompson, and this album also has more songs than Empire did.

For how long have you worked on Unified – and which software was used for production?

We’ve been actively working on the album for approximately a year and a half, but it even has songs that have been written four years ago. Our choice of weapon is Logic Pro.

Loving the album track ‘No Frontiers’ with Julie Thompson, did you actually meet in person to collaborate on the piece?

Yes, Julie came to Finland to work with us - we wrote four tracks. Three of them ended up on the album so it was a quite productive session.

Are there any tracks from ‘Unified,’ you would consider not so suitable for playing at The Gallery?

Low-tempo tracks such as ‘Memory Lane’, ‘Say You Love Me’ and ‘Forever’ probably wouldn’t suit the club atmosphere that well, but everything else might end up on this set list.

You have invited some special Finnish guests for both the main room and 103, why was this important?

During the years we have got help from a bunch of people, so we wanted to give something back. This time to our country fellows, which many of them we have been working with over the years.

Tell us bit about each one please!

Orkidea - His track selection and crowd-reading skills are one of the best on the planet.

Orion – Host of the weekly club program on the Finnish national radio. He’s basically Finland’s own Pete Tong!

Lenno –Very talented young kid, of whom you will be hearing more in the future.

Milla Lehto – Milla’s DJ sets are always top notch and she is one of the busiest DJ’s in Finland.

Oded Peled – Heavyweight-promoter and a very skillful DJ.

Use 3 words to describe your forthcoming set?

Lots of emotion!

Don't miss Super8 & Tab at Ministry of Sound on October 3rd. 

18 Sep 2014