Chicane talks birthdays, cake, music and Ministry of Sound.

Chicane talks birthdays, cake, music and Ministry of Sound

Just in case you haven’t heard already, this weekend marks our 23rd year at the forefront of UK clubbing. To mark such a historic achievement, we’ve put together a solid two-day line up of parties with two of our longest-running regulars headlining each night. Saturday will see Benny Benassi taking over in The Box, while Friday’s Gallery spectacular will be helmed by trance legend, Chicane.

The Gallery’s Nish Palawan managed to grab a few minutes with the globetrotting superstar to talk birthdays, music and his upcoming set at Ministry of Sound.

Hi Nick, hope this day finds you well?

Yes I’m very good, dashing about working on the radio show, the new album, the new single and gigs.  Not too many dull moments to be honest right now.



The last time you played Ministry of Sound was back in May, what was it like?

It’s always a great gig to play, never even remotely had a bad one. I think I dropped some of the new material from the new album and it got a great reaction....  Then it all kind of goes fuzzy with a few drinks and wee bit of stumbling around!


This weekend we’re celebrating Ministry of Sound’s 23rd birthday, how will you provide that special party atmosphere in the Box?

I think it’s about a journey during your set, too many jocks are just playing flat out – so important to have a set that has peaks & dips. It’s what makes the peaks that much more exciting, a bit like constantly turning up the volume. It can only go so loud and leave you nowhere to go. So I will be concentrating on that and also being flexible, reading the crowd. Another DJ crime is playing your pre planned set regardless if it’s working or not.


How did you celebrate reaching 23 years old?

Um, it probably involved getting up to no good and consuming various toxins. The memory has faded, sorry.


What one birthday classic tune will you definitely be playing on Friday?

Oh, well I’m not at all sure to be honest. I did play Dirty Vegas – “Days Go By” last weekend and it went down a storm. So...



Apart from the club, where else do you like to visit when in London?

Well, where I live we don't have any Chinese eateries so I have been known to go crazy in Chinatown. Then I get all bloated with MSG, feel awful and roll about moaning about how terrible I feel. Then I go and do it all over again, like an idiot.


What’s your preferred cake?

Battenburg. No, cherry cake, no dark chocolate! You put on a thousand stone a slice cake.  Yes!


Finally use three words to describe your forthcoming set?

Epic, uplifting and honest.

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16 Sep 2014