10 Minutes with Skye Cattlin

Hed Kandi's Helena Murphy sat down with Skye to chat about caviar, twerking and of course, house music.

Skye Cattlin is the latest DJ to join the Hed Kandi DJ roster. To welcome her to the team, Hed Kandi's Helena Murphy sat down with Skye to chat about caviar, twerking and of course, house music.

This is your first time playing at Creamfields and as a Hed Kandi DJ – are you excited?!

I'm crazy excited, can't wait to get up there.

What’s your story, how did you get into DJing?

I've always been into music and wanted to DJ for ages before I actually got round to it. It was during a stop gap between jobs when I had more time on my hands that I started practicing everywhere - from my boyfriend's living room and friends’ houses to using the equipment at a club I used to work at. Within 6 weeks I booked my first gig (which was terrifying), and towards the end of that year I secured my first residency and everything has just flowed from there.

When did you first fall for house music?

I always loved dance music but as a youngster I never really knew what genre was what. Up until the age of 18 I was mostly listening and going out to DnB nights, until my first trip to Ibiza which was a total game changer. As soon as I got back it was house, house, house, and driving to and from London with all my friends at the weekends chasing the big line-ups and super clubs.

However, 2011 was my summer of love - there was something about that year, a new wave and new sound of house erupted and I think that's when I started to pursue DJing properly.

What track are you obsessed with right now?

That's a hard one.... One track that has massively stood out for me is Yousef and The Angel – "Float Away" (Clancy Remix)  - big tune!

What’s the best gig you’ve been to and why?

That's another hard one... Maybe Crew Love a few months ago at Studio 338 - Soul Clap, Wolf & Lamb, Pillowtalk, Tanner Ross etc. Seriously good vibes, nice crowd, and I'm a disco head too so I was completely in my element. All the crew were so lovely and it made a massive difference to the gig – it basically felt like a house party. Loved it!

What are your guilty pleasures?

Trying to twerk or shuffle... I can't do either and it kills me!

What do you collect aside from records?

Clothes - especially fancy dress for parties and festivals. If it's got sequins I'll buy it.

Tell us the most illegal thing you’ve done.

I can't tell you that!

What’s the most interesting thing in your house?

My fancy dress box... You name it - I've got it!

What’s your lamest claim to fame?

The boxer David Hayes is my cousin’s, partner’s - cousin. Boom!

What are you obsessed with right now?


What’s your pet hate?

I've got 3: People with no spacial awareness, pigeons and caviar.

Thanks Skye!

Follow Skye on Twitter: @skyecattlin

28 Aug 2014