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Gabriel & Dresden

The Armada Music duo tell us their top five tracks.

Every Tuesday we get one of the acts due to play The Gallery to give us their top five tracks of the moment. This week it's the turn of Armada duo, and this Friday's headline act, Gabriel & Dresden. Take it away guys!

Daniel Avery - "Drone Logic"

G&D: We were a little late to the party on Daniel, who has made a name for himself on Erol Alkan's Phantasy Sound label for his amazing productions that have so much class and depth. This bouncy track clocks in at 114 bpm (we play it at 124), and it feels like an acid house Underworld record. We especially love how the drama builds, recedes, and comes back at you way bigger each time.

Eelkie Kleijn - "51 Degrees Nord"

Eelkie has always been impressive with his productions but with this record, we think he has found his true calling. A huge brooding analog-ish bassline and a swirly stew of chords and pads come crashing at you several times throughout this well produced journey which takes you there.

Olaf Stuut vs The Shins "Libre Slang"

Reaching deep into our acappella vault we found the vocals to "New Slang" by Portland-based indie rock band The Shins, made popular in the movie Garden State. The Olaf Stuut "Libre" track was already good on it's own, and has graced our set for nearly a year already. When we combined these two tracks together (by accident, of course) we made the kind of "moment" record we always dreamt of making. At least for this month.

Teho vs Van Did "Hope (Knockout Mix)"

Teho is one of the new wave of techno producers from France who combine minimal production style with "true" progressive house and trance elements which we have been supporting more and more over the past year in our sets. This track is signature Teho with its huge drama, snappy claps, soaring chords and deep dark bassline. Also check out Teho's remix of E-Spectro and Hell's Kitchen "Trugbild" and his song "Stuck in Reverse".

Gabriel & Dresden "New Ground"

This is our new single. And we think it rocks. 

Gabriel & Dresden will be headlining the Armada Music Showcase at The Gallery this Friday 15th August.

12 Aug 2014