Solar Powered Decks Are Here

And they're coming to a park new you soon!

Solar powered DJ booths are set to pop-up in public places across the world

Yalp, a Dutch sports company have developed a solar-powered DJ booth that is popping up in parks across Europe and Australia. The booths have been located in public spots and are absolutely free for anyone who wants to start mixing up their favourite tunes.

Special pads on the booth pick up any audio output from your mobile phone, all without wires, then you can play around with a whole host of effects including delay, pitch shift and bitcrusher.

So far the majority of the devices are located in the Netherlands, including Breda - the hometown of Tiesto, Hardwell and Dannic. As of right now there are no booths located in the UK, but hopefully we'll be getting our own soon!

11 Jul 2014