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Airwave drops by Ministry HQ to give us his top trance tracks of the moment.

Before he supports Neelix this Friday at The Gallery, Airwave dropped by Ministry HQ to give us a run down of his top five trance tracks of the moment. Take it away Airwave!

Airwave vs Astropilot: "Particles Of Love" (Original Mix)

Airwave: My latest release and I’m extremely proud of the remixers on this one. CJ Art, Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic, and French Mathov did a great job. 

Gai Barone: "Cartaria"

Put simply, Gai Barone is the rising star of the progressive trance scene and his latest release on Bonzai Progressive is outstanding. I knew it would be good even without listening. It's worth mentioning, there's also a great remix by Relaunch.

John 00 Fleming & Christopher Lawrence: "Predator"

When the magic duo gets together for a track, you get a magical track. Predator is awesome! These kind of tracks got me to fall in love trance again. Wow! 

Art of Trance: "Ricochet" (Terra Ferma Remix)

I can’t help being a fan of Platipus and I must admit I’m like a kid in a candy store when I get a release of theirs. The freaky sound they’re into at the present time is remarkable.

Solar Fields: "Pulse" (Airwave Remix)

The latest track from my longtime hero, and when I got the chance to make a remix, I didn’t let it go. Solar Fields is for me the very best electronic music artist at the present time, it was such an honour!

08 Jul 2014