Throwback Thursdays

Issue 10: Getting A Promotion?

Every Thursday we reprint an article from the Ministry Magazine back-issues.

Every Thursday we delve into the archives of our old print venture, Ministry Magazine. We pick an issue and take a look at a highlight (or lowlight) with a modern eye

This week we're onto Issue 10 from November 1998 - the month that saw the establishment of the European Court of Human Rights and the UK formally abolishing the death penalty. But the big stories in clubland involved how where-is-she-now diva Gail Porter chilled out, if clubbing kills your sex drive and what cars various successful DJs were driving - including Shy FX's Lotus Elise and Spoony's 94' Audio Convertible. 

But the story we're focusing on this week involves a comparison between the promoters of yesteryear and the promoters of today ('today' being nearly twenty years ago now). Some of you may be old enough to have seen both types in the flesh - if that's you then well done on surviving so long in clubland! But for those of us too young to remember either it's just nice to be reminded that promoters are actual people rather than a semi-sentient stream of endless facebook event invites. 

Check out the article in full below and come back next Thursday for more late 90s throwbacks.

Written by Matthew Francey

26 Jun 2014