Krafty Kuts

We called up the UK veteran to chat about everything from his first DJ competitions to his appearance on Supermarket Sweep.

We're so thrilled to have UK veteran Krafty Kuts grace the decks next week in support of Sigma at Saturday Sessions, that we decided to call him up for a chat about everything from his first DJ competitions to his appearance on Supermarket Sweep

What are you up to at the minute?

Just having a well earned break in Cyprus after touring Oz New Zealand and the USA for the last six weeks!

What have you got coming up over the next few months?

Loads of studio work, I have just finished two remixes for two Aussie acts, Dub FX & Northbrook then it’s back in the studio to finish a Kill Paris remix and a Fatboy Slim remix. Then get stuck into two Krafty Ep collaborations with Kid Kenobi, Calvertron, A.Skillz, Skope, ErbnDub, Dynamite MC and some amazing vocalists. June and July are busy studio times to clear all the backlog of music I have been working on, so extremely excited to unleash loads of fresh kuts. Also going to start the next instalment of my Hip Hop Podcast Vol 2 … coming very soon!

What can the Ministry of Sound crowd expect from your upcoming set at Saturday Sessions?

Bass, and lots of it! Funky beats and some cheeky eclectic Krafty genre bashing. I know the sound system is incredible in the main room so I am bringing some heavyweight dance floor bangers to road test and devastate!

You’ve been in the UK dance music scene for almost 20 years, what has been the biggest change you’ve noticed over the years?

The UK scene is one of the most prominent in dance music and genres and styles change like the wind, but one thing that remains is people always want to see and hear a good DJ spin fresh 'n funky music. Trends come and go so quickly but it’s important to stay grounded and true to your roots and what you love and you will get your rewards with hard work and determination. The biggest change I have noticed is music has become very throw-away and the value of a track is lost. For example when you used to buy a record or CD you would have a cover with info etc about the artist that would remain in your collection forever. Now you download a song and it can be forgotten in minutes. Music is missing that classy touch with fantastic artwork and passion that went into making that record … it all seems a little lost.

What do you think of the current state of UK dance music?

I do love the current dance scene, drum n bass, garage, breakbeat, deep house, disco, hip hop - it’s buzzing here in the UK. I have so much quality music that I can play for 3 hours which is a good sign. There are some amazingly talented young artists coming through and with the Internet so accessible people can get there hands on cool and vibrant music super quick.

You used to run a record store in Brighton, they’ve been hit hard by the digital revolution and for a while it was looking like physical music was going to die out, but now it seems vinyl could very well out live CDs. Do you think there will always be a demand for physical music?

Absolutely! People need to have some reminder of their youth and what those years meant to them, and by having classic records it can be that moment that perhaps changed their life. I still have thousands of records and will never get rid of them (as much as my missus hates having them around). Also people still like to collect and you can find so much incredible music that is still not available digitally.

You started off in DJ competitions, can you tell us a little about your first one?

I was 17 and had never been on technics turntables so it was an opportunity to experience that. I worked a mix out on my home set up which was a stereo stack system playing tapes and using the turntable to mix over them. It took me weeks to work a 10 minute set which I changed after every heat. I entered, got to the final through 3 heats and narrowly missed out, but I was bitten with the bug and ever since then I aspired to collect records, scratch and waned to be a DJ like Jazzy Jeff, DJ Cashmoney, Grandmaster Flash etc and here I am now still living my dream!

Do you have any advice for people looking to get into DJing and entering competitions?

Study your craft and DJ’s you admire or a sound you love. Watch videos on youtube, go to clubs and watch those dj’s that do that special trick or amazing mix that inspires you. Practise. Get a good set up at home don’t buy cheap equipment - ebay is amazing for finding bargains. If you put in the hardwork and effort you will succeed. Determination is your one goal, I learnt from the best - Jazzy Jeff, Fatboy Slim, DJ Cashmoney and now these are all people I see regularly at events or clubs, something I never thought would ever happen for me … but I always believed.

What are your secret weapon tracks, to blow up any dancefloor?

I Always have a classic  tune that is an exclusive version to switch things up and Dynamite MC vocals to keep the crowd lively. I have finished some new tracks that have been smashing up the dancefloors so I will be unleashing these along with some new & crazy edits specially prepped for the Ministry of Sound speakers.

Lastly, I read that you went on supermarket sweep. Something, I’ve always wanted to know about that show, do you get to keep all the food etc that you put in your trolley?

We did indeed and to be honest it was such a laugh! Meeting Dale Winton was so cool at the time. It was in Nottingham and I was wearing the worst bright blue shirt you've ever seen. They told us to smile every time the camera panned on us... I grinned like a Chesire cat the whole way through! We kept £300’s worth of groceries and some very fun memories. Fortunately there are no copies of the footage so that wardrobe disaster will never see the light of day!

Make sure to get your tickets to see Krafty Kuts at Saturday Session on 21st June.

13 Jun 2014