The reclusive German producer gives a rare interview.

With exactly one month to go until Neelix makes his triumphant return to Ministry of Sound. We managed to secure a world exclusive interview with the German producer. He hardly ever gives interviews so this was a real treat. Have a read below then get your tickets to see him tear up The Gallery on 11th July.

Hi there, hope this day finds you well?

Yes, thank you very much.

Your last visit to Ministry of Sound was in February. How was that night?

It was very special and awesome. I had some friends with me and we were really impressed by the club - I have never seen so many CDJs on one stage before! To be honest I was very nervous, because for almost a decade I used to play at only psy trance events.  But this changed a lot in 2013/2014, I now play often at bigger events with a different crowd which is awesome. The crowd was very nice and supportive that night.

Why is the Box perfect for the Neelix sound?

At the moment I'm really struggling to finish a track, which I’ve been working on for more than six months now. I start working on it, but then I can't finish it. I started reading about this experiment where they got a black and white picture and had people guess which half of the picture is whiter – the lower or upper part.

The first group just looked at it in quick succession, and all gave the right answer. Now a new group got offered £1000 pounds, if they could figure out which half was whiter. These people could not make a decision quickly, and the results were clearly not as good as the first group. Hence I think I have found why producers who work for long periods of time often struggle to produce as well as they did in the beginning.

It is the same principle with the track, I put myself in the group with the £1000 prize! This is clearly not clever, so I will try to join the ‘other’ group.  I seriously think you should always consider this, when making difficult decisions, because usually the decision is very easy, so take all the pressure out of any situation, and things will flow smoothly again - although for me this is somehow not working at the moment, but I am working on it!

Your track "Born & Raised" received a great reaction, what was the inspiration behind this?

I wanted to make something different, I always search for a meaning inside the tracks.  For a while now, I have tried to put some rock into my music - guitars, vocalists and real drums. It worked out really well here, which was awesome, as it took a while to mix it together in this way.

What software do you use for production, any special tools or plug-ins?

I like the Virus TI2. I think this synth is just great and has an awesome sound. Though I actually can't really use a synth very well!  All these lights and knobs I will never understand! But still I manage to always get something out of it.

Was there much tweaking of the arrangement, before reaching this final version?

Actually yes (let me quick have a look). It was version 146 of that track - it takes ages to get it the way you want.


What tune will you definitely play on Friday?

"Expect What!"

Apart from the club, where else do you like to visit when in London?

I actually lived in London last year, so I will visit my friends.

What upcoming projects should Neelix fans look out for?

I have an interesting new way to produce. Usually as an artist you have two motivations. Emotion in music - which is the most important - then the dancefloor which comes second. The problem with these two things, is that they are difficult to combine. Like many producers, I was always focused on the dancefloor part – as you get a direct response when it works well.  

But from now on, I will focus more on the musical aspect. It takes the pressure away and I can just do as I feel. Maybe later I will create a dancefloor version, plus I'm hoping to make a new album in the next few months.

Finally describe your forthcoming set in 3 words?

Fun, emotional, hard.

See Neelix in person when he headlines The Gallery on Friday 11th July, tickets available now.

11 Jun 2014