We called up Dannic to talk music, Revealed Recordings and World Cup predictions.

With just over a week until the Revealed Recordings takeover at Saturday Sessions, we called up Dannic to talk music, Revealed Recordings and World Cup predictions.

Hi Daan! Where are you right now?

I’m at home at the minute in Breda, in the south.

What have you been up to recently?

I just got back from a mini European tour and I’m currently in the studio working on new music.

I saw you recently tweeted that you’ve just finished a collaboration with Dyro?

Yes! It’ll be released June 16th . I’m really happy with it, it’s a perfect blend between his sound and my sound. It’ll be released on Revealed, of course.

Have you worked with him before?

No, not at all actually. We started this collaboration last year, I think it was in July. It was during our joint Canada tour. We’ve toured a lot together, but we’ve never sat down together in a studio. So we rented a place out there and started working on music and we came up with a bunch of ideas, but this was the one we wanted to finish.

What other Revealed Acts should fans check out?

That night at Ministry we have Jordy Dazz who’s played a couple of times in Ministry already, then we’ve got a newcomer called Kill the Buzz. He’s from the same city as I’m from and he’s released some cool tracks on Revealed. It’s always great to have your friends with you, people from the same area that you’re from. It’s so cool to have those guys on the team, supporting you. Julian Calor is definitely a name to watch as well, you should check him out too.

With you and Hardwell and Tiesto and now Kill the Buzz coming from Breda, it seems like there must be a pretty close knit scene there?

We actually have a lot of bars (laughs). A lot of bars restaurants and clubs. It’s a pretty small town, it only has about 200,000 people. Everybody knows each other and everybody helps each other. I think that’s probably the main reason why so many guys are coming out of Breda because we’re like one big family and we share tips and tricks with each. We’re almost like a team, we play really well together. And the good thing is we never interfere because we all have our own styles and our own sounds. So it isn’t a competition, we all help each other. 

How did you first get into DJing?

I started in a local bar in Breda. It was almost like a pub or something like that. I played 70s classics, disco, hip hop, everything together, all in the mix (laughs). So that’s where I learnt to play for a crowd, not only playing the music that I love but the music that the crowd would react to.

How did you make the move from party DJing to dance music?

It actually started when I began listening to house music more and more. At that time Fedde le Grande had just had that major hit, “Put Your Hands Up For Detroit” and I was really into that sound. And I started listening to sets and getting really into house music. There was this club that had just opened and they asked me to play there so I said “Yeah” and I downloaded a bunch of cool house music tracks to play and that’s when it all started. Not long after that I started producing my own tracks and my interest in dance music just kept growing.

What made you make the move into producing?

My producing started by making mash-ups for this other club I was playing in that was more commercial and I could play pretty much everything there. Then there was a remix competition for Funkerman and my remix won and was released on Flamingo Recordings, which was a big deal for me at the time. That really motivated me to keep working on my own productions and my first solo release came out on Revealed Recordings. It was Revealed No.1, it was called “Get Down Girl”, it was with Hardwell and was the first release on the label. Not a lot of people know that, but that was the beginning of my production career.

How did you get involved with Revealed, was it set up to facilitate you and Harwell working together?

No, not at all. I’ve know Robbert for many, many years. Before he was a big success he was DJing around Breda and I met him about 10 years ago in a local bar. We were just drinking beer and talking about our shared passion - music. We went to the studio together and he came up with the idea to start his own label. I made this bootleg of ATFC’s “Bad Habit” and that was actually the track that we finished together, which went on to become “Get Down Girl” -  the first Revealed track. He’s actually singing on that one. With a lot of auto-tune of course, but that’s him singing “Get Down Girl”. 

You’ve recently entered the DJ Mag top 100 DJs, how does that feel?

Unreal! I can’t believe it! I’ve been DJing for ten years but I’ve never thought about things like this. It’s all happening so fast, my careers blowing up and I can’t believe it!

What can fans expect from your set next weekend at Ministry of Sound?

A lot of new tracks! And of course the tracks you already know. It’ll be a typical Dannic set, so there’ll be a lot of funky electro, progressive tunes. And of course my own signature sound! High energy and a lot of mash ups! 

Lastly, I know you’re a big football fan. Do you have any world cup predictions?

Oh, that’s a hard one! My prediction last time was terrible. This year, I don’t know, I don’t think Holland will make it to the last round. I think don’t ever underestimate Germany, they’re always really good in the final rounds! 

Thanks Daan, see you next Saturday!

You can see Dannic in person when he Headlines Ministry of Sound alongside Jordy Dazz, Kill the Buzz and Julian Calor at the Revealed Recordings Takeover on 14th June.

Written by Matthew Francey

05 Jun 2014