With two days to go until "I Wanna Feel" is released, we caught up with man of the moment, Secondcity.

With "I Wanna Feel" riding high at number 1 on iTunes, we caught up with man of the moment, Secondcity

We've been talking to some experts and they've told us that this summer is going to be about three thing - the World Cup, sunshine, and piano-led house.

Secondcity's "I Wanna Feel" was released on Sunday, just in time to see in the summer. It's infectious hook and bouncing bassline will make it a surefire hit at every BBQ, every festival and at every roof, boat, beach, and terrace party from now to September. 

We caught up with Secondcity a few days before the official release date to talk about "I Wanna Feel", deep house and growing up in Chicago.

Secondcity DJing at the Defected pop-up in Shoreditch

Hi! So “I Wanna Feel” is released in two days, how excited are you?

Pretty excited, yeah. I’m optimistic as well. Honestly I don’t really know what to think yet.

It seems like it’s everywhere at the minute, feels like it’s going to be a really big release.

Yeah, I really hope so. Definitely!

You’re on our Sound of Deep House 2  compilation, deep house really seems like it’s going to totally dominate this summer, why do you think it has become so popular?

I guess it’s just sort of easy listening, isn’t it? It kind of connects with people on a different level from other music. It’s really feel good summer music.

Your career seems to have really sky-rocketed over the past year, what has the last year been like for you?

It’s been crazy! It’s been really overwhelming actually, in a really good way though. Exciting and just brilliant, it’s so nice to be doing what you want to do.

How long have you been creating music for?

About six years, but I’ve been pushing it properly for probably about two, two and a half years.

What was the moment when you realised this was your career?

Around two and a half years ago I think. I was living in London and I just decided - a sort of on the spot decision - that I’d leave my job and just go for it. So that’s what I did, I left that day and didn’t look back.

Were you doing DJ gigs at the time?

I was doing a few, very small, low level ones.

And how did you get into creating music?

I was just playing around on things like Fruity Loops at the beginning. Just messing around with sounds and working on very basic ideas. I moved onto Logic after that. That’s when I started teaching myself how to use different techniques and explore different sounds.

Did your early work sound similar to your current music?

No, not at all! It was a lot more basic. It’s evolved a lot.

Was it the same sort of music?

Yeah, I’ve always made house music. I’ve always worked in a way that I kept things simple. I don’t like to over complicate my tracks, but I guess the more and more you do it, the more you learn about your sound – what you want to make and what production methods you want to use.

Your sound is sort of 90s influenced, who are your main musical influences?

Yeah I guess so. Oh there’s so many. There’s the obvious ones like Frankie Knuckles , MK and all those guys that were making the classic 90s tunes. Then there’s the other side of it which is more the kind of tech house stuff like Nic Fancuilli and Joris Voorn.

You’re sharing the bill with Nic Fancuilli in Minstry of Sound at the end of June, right?

Yeah I am, really looking forward to it. I’m doing some dates in Ibiza with him as well. It’s going to be brilliant.

You’ve worked with some amazing independent labels – Dirtybird, Defected, Saints and Sonnets, now ministry – how important is it to have those sort of people around you, as an artist?

Very important! It’s important to get on with those people as well. You’re spending most of your time in that world with those sort of people and they’re the people supporting your music. You have to be there and have good relationships with them.

I saw you play at the Defected pop-up a few weeks ago, there seems to be a real close, sort of family vibe around them?

Yeah, definitely! They really take you in and build you up as an artist. They involve you in so many different things. I’ve just come back from Ibiza with them. They got me to play at their opening party. It was great.

You grew up in America, where you aware of the dance music scene there growing up?

Yeah, I was brought up in Chicago. I was aware of the scene when I was over there. I was kind of brought up listening to house music. My mum was a massive influence - she was always playing old house records and disco. It was a heavy impact on me growing up.

How do you think the scene in America compares with the one here in the UK?

I don’t know so much now, as I haven’t been over there since I’ve been old enough to go to clubs, but, from the music that you see that’s come out of Chicago, it’s very similar to what’s going on the UK now.

Which one is best?

Oh I duno, I wouldn’t want to say. Just in case I stopped getting booked in London. No, I’m joking! I think they’re both good in their own way.

What have you got planned for the rest of the summer?

I’ve got Ibiza dates and some festivals. Then I’ve got my EP on Defected out in June, the 23rd I think it is. Yeah I’ve got a lot on!

Amazing, thanks!

"I Wana Feel" is out on Ministry of Sound on Sunday 25th May, you can pre-order it now.

Catch Secondcity live when he plays Defected in the House 28th June.

Written by Matthew Francey

23 May 2014