Throwback Thursdays

Issue 8: 7th Birthday

Every Thursday we reprint an article from the Ministry Magazine back-issues.

Every Thursday we delve into the archives of our old print venture, Ministry Magazine. We pick an issue and take a look at a highlight (or lowlight) with a modern eye.

This week we're on Issue 8, with a very baby-faced looking Tiesto on the front cover. Stories include a look forward to clubbing in the year 2000 (spoiler alert: it involved sex, drugs, music, clubs and fashion), a look at the stars of tomorrow; including an on-point name drop of Roots Manouva amongst a lot of very off-point suggestions - Dope Smugglaz anyone?

But the story we're going to focus on today is one that's very close to our hearts. Back in September 1998, Ministry of Sound turned seven and what better way to celebrate such a landmark birthday, than by asking the staff of 1998 for seven stand out moments from the clubs history?  The feature includes categories as diverse as: 'things people say on the door", "live bands that have played here", "things left in the club" and "things we decided weren't actually a good idea". 

The answers are quite the eye-openers, enjoy!

22 May 2014