Lewis Duggleby

Ahead of his appearance supporting legendary producer, Chicane, and Lee Osborne this Friday, Lewis Duggleby talks music, his upcoming set and starting his own label.

Ahead of his appearance supporting legendary producer, Chicane, and Lee Osborne this Friday, Lewis Duggleby  sat down with The Gallery's Nish Palawan to talk about music, his upcoming set and starting his own label

Lewis Duggleby

Nish: Hi Lewis, hope this day finds you well?

Lewis: Yeah absolutely, it’s a day I’ve been waiting for, for over 3 years! It’s also me and my partner’s anniversary today so we’re going for dinner at The Shard before the performance, where some shots will also be taken for a music video for a forthcoming release of mine.


How did you first get into DJing?

I was producing music for my A-levels and then degree and a friend in an old student house at my University town of Bournemouth back in 2006 had some vinyl decks. I was hooked immediately after a few mixes and, being knowledgeable about music, I was able to pick it up very quickly. After moving back to London in 2008, I purchased my own CDJ’s and have taken the ‘Sky Is The Limit’ attitude since.


Hosting the Baby Box, you’ve been a regular at The Gallery with Elevation Audio. How did the brand first come about?

I thought there were too many promoters doing not bad, but similar things within the scene. This was why I left my previous brand CTRL to start Elevation Audio. I wanted to create a real niche in the market, something different – A record label, events and media brand who are passionate about what they do, which signs new and undiscovered talent and can offer them a gig platform to develop their career.


With Elevation Audio acting also a record label, what are the difficulties in managing the two strands?

I personally would say there are no real difficulties between managing the two, in fact it works to our advantage as we can promote our previous, current and forthcoming releases at our events and see how the crowd reacts. Much of the label stuff can be managed in the day or week evenings, whilst the events only really take place at weekends.


Loving your release “Endeavour”, what was the inspiration behind the track?

I have always loved producing music but my time often gets taken up with promotion, managing events or playing out, leaving little spare time for production. Many people over the last 3 years have only seen me as a DJ and promoter and not an artist. I wanted to show our audiences that I’m also an artist with decent experience that can produce good quality trance tracks. Using my 15 years on/off experience I got to work in my newly set up studio.


What software did you use for production, any special tools or plug-ins?

The track was created using Logic Pro. I’ve always enjoying blending both audio samples and virtual instruments together in a project. There were a couple of samples (mainly the effects) used from a library created by Loopmasters and the main sound banks used behind the midi were from Sylenth and Zebra.


Was there much tweaking of the arrangement, before reaching this final version?

Yeah it took a while, around 6 months off and on as I also had other projects and events going on. It was originally an instrumental track until I met a talented vocalist with a voice perfectly suited for Trance. Myself and Katherine Amy worked on a suitable vocal together for the track, went into a high-end studio in London to record the many layers of vocals and it all fitted into place nicely, making this the first vocal track to be released on Elevation Audio.


One tune you will definitely be playing on Friday is?

Probably the biggest release we have had on Elevation Audio to date due to be released this Monday 26th May – “Tempestuous” by Lisa Lashes and Tasso. With the time I’m playing, I feel the Allen and Envy remix would be more appropriate than the original. Allen & Envy have produced some of the most popular remixes in the world in the last year so I’m especially delighted to have a remix from them to be released on the label.


Why should The Gallery look forward to Lewis Duggleby in the Box?

I’m a DJ that likes to put on a show and get the crowd going. I simply can’t stand still behind the decks. I feel the DJ has to set the pace and give the crowd the best experience possible.

This is the biggest show of my career so far and with a combination of some of the biggest tracks around, my productions, forthcoming tracks and remixes on Elevation Audio along with some classics, this should really give The Gallery a unique blend of uplifting trance to offer to clubbers.


Finally in good old Gallery tradition, 3 words to describe your forthcoming set?

Uplifting, Original and Energetic


Amazing, thanks Lewis!

Don't miss Lewis when he supports Chicane at The Gallery this Friday.


20 May 2014