We called up UK DJ, Doorly to discuss music, Ibiza and whether or not LA has pigeons.

Ahead of his performance for Ministry of Sound in Gibson, Germany on the 28th May, we called up UK DJ, Doorly to discuss music, Ibiza and whether or not LA has pigeons.

Hi Doorly, where are you at the moment?

I’m over in LA, I live here for most of the year now. I’m here for the next couple of weeks and then I’m going to Ibiza from here and I’ll be spending all summer in Ibiza.

What are you up to?

I’m in the studio actually. I’m making some music with Cajmere. We’ve got a few collabs on the go. I’ve been working a lot with Cajmere, DJ Pierre and Switch at the moment. I’m just trying to finish them all up before I go away for the summer. Then I’ll have them come out while I’m over there.

I guess you don’t get much time to produce when you’re in Ibiza?

That’s just it. It’s every night, I don’t really have a night off during the summer. And then it’s partying and not really having a studio. So it’s really difficult. That’s why I’m trying to get everything done before I go, so that I don’t have to worry about it, and if I have time to do any producing, then it’s a bonus. The past few summer’s I’ve fallen behind a bit and by the end of the summer, when I go to finish up tracks I’m three , four months behind with music.

You played at Ministry of Sound very recently, how was it?

Yeah, last weekend actually. It was a class night. It’s always pretty good actually. It was me and Tom Demac in one room and M.A.N.D.Y . and Jaymo & Andy George in the other. It was really good.

You’re playing a Ministry of Sound event in Germany soon, right?

Yeah, in a few weeks I’m heading to Gibson. I’ve never been to Frankfurt before so I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve played in Munich before, but I think that’s about it. I haven’t been to Germany all that much so should be a good new experience.

Your remix of Claude von Stroke is doing really well at the moment, how did that collab come about?

He has been playing a lot of my music the last couple of years. I know he wanted me to remix something for a while and then he decided to do this remix album of all his own album tracks and he basically said to me to take my pick. He suggested “Clapping Track” and that was it really. It’s been great, I finished it in January and then he played it in his Essential Mix, so there’s been a lot of hype around it. I’m glad it’s finally out now because it feels like a long time ago that I made it, but yeah it seems to be doing pretty well.

I know you’re currently in LA, where were you based before then?

I moved around a lot, but I’d consider Huddersfield my home town. Before I moved over here I was based in London.

London and LA are very different places, what are the things you’ve noticed most that’s different about over there?

Well it’s always sunny here for one! It’s going to be 99 degrees today they reckon. I feel like the music scene is healthier here. There’s no bitterness and people have a bit more money to put into music. In London I feel like small promoters are struggling because artists are so expensive and people can’t afford the ticket prices. The crowd are generally more positive here.

Californians are probably the most positive people I’ve ever met...

For sure. I mean the dance music scene is still quite new to a lot of the people here and they’ve got a huge enthusiasm for it. I think Americans in general just have a happier disposition. So it’s a really nice place to be. Every now and then my inner Englishman comes out and I’m negative about something for no reason and I have to be like, “actually, what’s wrong with me, stop being so English.”

So, there is a lot of pigeon iconography in your releases, what’s the deal with that?

The whole thinking behind that came from when I used to make a little bass music. I was always a house DJ, but I had a little fly into bass music, and I immediately did really well in it and people started thinking I was a bass music DJ. It was a little frustrating because I wasn’t that into it, I was just sort of dipping my toes. So I didn’t want to be pigeonholed into any particular genre so I set up a label called, “Pigeon Hole This”. So that worked for a while, but then I realised I wanted to stop messing around with other genres and just make the genre that I was used to, which was house and so I dropped all the pigeon stuff after that.

Ah I see, I was wondering about that, I thought maybe you just really liked pigeons!

It’s a bit of an odd thing to like, flying rats!

Does LA even have pigeons? I know they have loads of pelicans and things, but pigeons?

I don’t know actually, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one. You might be right!

You’ve spent a lot of summers in Ibiza, do you have any Ibiza recommendations for first timers?

We’re starting a new party on Mondays at Pacha. We’ve got loads of amazing DJs on there, like Derrick Carter, Kevin Saunderson, Kenny Dope and then we have a load of live stuff as well. So that’s really good, everyone should definitely come along to that.

Is there anything you’d recommend that people  bring to Ibiza?

Not really, just lots of money, because it’s expensive!

Lastly, what can the people of Germany expect from your set in Gibson?

Just straight up house really. The music I’m making at the minute it sort of sounds like it was made ten years ago. That kind of low-slung house groove. I tend to do a lot of turntables and scratching and stuff, so there’ll be a lot of energy.

Amazing, thanks Doorly!

Written by Matthew Francey

16 May 2014