Resident Picks

Tim Cullen

Gearing up to Ibiza season, our Resident DJ, Tim Cullen, gives us his "Ibiza Moments".

Every week we ask one of our residents to choose a selection of tracks following a theme. This week, as we're gearing up for a summer in Ibiza, we asked Tim Cullen to give us his "Ibiza Moments" Over to you Tim!

Funkagenda & Mark Knight - "Flauta Magica"

Tim: To me, Ibiza is all about sunshine, Balearic beats with loads of live percussion, chanting vocals and that feel good groove. This track ticks all those boxes and takes me straight back to 2009 and the outdoor area at Bora Bora beach bar doing crazy dancing with a guy dressed up as spiderman. Random!

Paolo Mojo - "1983" (Eric Prydz Remix)

My favourite Prydz track from back in 2006. This was the remix where he really found the style he is known for today. It was such a different vibe to everything anyone was producing then. A real game changer for me, and a euphoric masterpiece.

808 state - "Pacific State"

The ultimate balearic anthem. For me, "Pacific state'" provides that perfect back drop to a day in the sun in Ibiza. Calm pads, rolling beats, and THAT sax line. Unbeatable.

So Called Scumbags - "Punch"

A massive record from my partners in crime - So Called Scumbags. This track relaunched our label - Grin Recordings and was a real Ibiza smash for me. I still play it in my sets today!

Future Sounds of London - "Papua New Guinea"

In every way the biggest grand finale of a DJ set. It's one of those tunes that NOTHING can follow. I have very clear memories of the sun rising up at Space after a long day / night at 'We Love' with James Zabiela on the decks on the terrace and he dropped this as the final track. The place went BONKERS. Probably my favourite clubbing moment, and totally sums up Ibiza for me.

You can find out more about Tim, over on his Residents Page.

14 May 2014