Resident Picks


Our resident DJ, Santero, selects his "ultimate summer sounds".

Every week we ask one of our residents to choose a selection of tracks following a theme. This week, following the Easter bank holiday and looking forward to summer, we asked Santero to give us his "ultimate summer sounds." Over to you Santero!

Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band - "Far Beyond"

From an absolute legend in disco and house, this Joey Negro cut is probably one of my favourite tracks from over the years. A beautifully used sample (also seen on De La Soul's “Stakes is High”) and radiates the kind of blissed-out, eyes-closed, head-back and let-the-sun-warm-your-face feeling that is usually achieved by a trip to a certain island a long way south of England!

Stardust - "Music Sounds Better With You"

This track really brings back the time when I was just starting out as a DJ; it was used in a BBC advert with someone in the blazing sunshine reclining in an inflatable pool, and was an absolute smash that summer. Rightly so; it’s a bona fide classic, an uplifting and emotionally engaging backing track allied with one of the catchiest vocal hooks I can imagine. It still slays dancefloors to this day, and is a fixture on any top ten house tracks list!

RSL - "Wesley Music"

When soulful, musical house is done right, there are few things in the world that can get close. Pizza? Maybe. Foot rubs? Possibly, but both of those things are better with the right music! And here, RSL drop seven and a half minutes of genius-level jazzy house. Building slowly for half the track before gospel vocals break through, with spine-tingling effect. "The Sun repairs my soul" as they say, and so does beautiful music like this!

Matias Aguayo - "Minimal" (DJ Koze Remix)

Sometimes what you really need from the music when you're at the beach is something laidback, but with enough energy to keep you moving your feet. This lovely remix from one of the stars of deep house of the last few years is a great example - an ideal backing to a lazy sunset or for those who made it through to sunrise.

Todd Terje - "Strandbar" (Disko Mix)

I'm sure some would argue that the Samba Mix is more summery, but for me this was probably the track of last summer - not many things make me as happy out in the sunshine than a good piano track, and this is a GREAT piano track. Todd Terje is a master of disco edits, and has barely put a foot wrong with his originals either. A definite hands-in-the-air moment when the breakdown hits, and considering it’s nearly nine minutes long, it absolutely flies by!

Find out more about Santero over on his Artist Page

23 Apr 2014