Throwback Thursdays

Issue 3: Jack Your Body

Every Thursday we reprint an article from the Ministry Magazine back-issues.

To celebrate the launch of our brand new online magazine, we’ve delved deep into the Ministry of Sound archives and unearthed our old print venture, Ministry Magazine. 

The mag cost £2.40 when it first came out, interviewed every major DJ of the time, came with a free CD and even - at a point - had a higher circulation than Mixmag. Every Thursday we’ll take a look at an old issue, reprint the cover and pick a highlight or (lowlight) and revisit it with a modern eye.

We’re kicking off Throwback Thursday with issue 3, as we couldn’t find issue 1 or 2. As you can see, Kylie Minogue is gracing the cover, it came with a free Essential Speed Garage CD and features included a cure for sex addiction, dodgy pills, Todd Terry’s gang leader past, Jude Law and “bouncers with dog breath”. 

But the article that stood out, was this Jack Your Body feature, which outlined different dance moves from all corners of the globe.

The article kicks off with a visit to Spain where they apparently have lots of energy (due to their siestas - of course) and LA, where the clubs are full of "wacked out weirdos" - well at least some things stay the same!

It's off to New York City next, where in 1998, vogueing was still an actual dance move rather than just a scene from Zoolander. After that we're off to Goa, which seems like a bit of an odd choice, but was apparently where all the late nineties crusties went to "pray to the god of dolphins".

And the article rounds up with China, where communism and overcrowding had apparently left "rapid head-bobbing" as the only viable dancemove and Thailand, where cheap whiskey and strong dope would make you dance like "Michael Barrymore on acid" - remember this was back when Barrymore was known as an all-singing all-dancing entertainer and not as someone who spent two weeks moaning and crying on Celebrity Big Brother.

17 Apr 2014