Resident Picks

Shane Kehoe

Our resident DJ, Shane Kehoe, selects his "tracks that shaped Ministry of Sound"

Every week we ask one of our residents to choose a selection of tracks following a theme. For our inaugural edition, we asked Shane Kehoe to pick his "tracks that shaped Ministry of Sound." Over to you Shane!

Roach Motel - "Movin' On"

Shane: For me, I want to begin right at the start. Back when my older brother bought me Ministry of Sound's Sessions One Tony Humphries as a Christmas present. This was one of the club's first compilations and it was all the tracks that were regularly played in the club at that time. For me the stand out track and the track that best reflects the sound of the club at that time, is Roach Motel - "Movin' On".

Masters at Work feat. India - "To Be In Love"

In the late 90s I finally saved up enough money to come over for the weekend to visit Ministry of Sound from my home town of Dublin. I was lucky enough to see Masters At Work, and they dropped the now famous “To Be In Love” mid set as everyone in the room sang along to it. Truly Magical...

Erick Morillo feat. Jocelyn Brown - "Believe"

After I moved over to London full time in 1999 I made the Ministry of Sound dancefloor my weekend home-from-home. One night Erick Morillo decided to get on the mic and announce, “anyone who wants to leave, leave now and anyone who wants to stay, we are locking the doors until 10am, so what’s it going to be?” Of course the whole room screams and Morillo says, “lock the doors then! No one is going home!!” He then drops “Believe”, it must’ve been about 7am! I will never forget that moment.  Morillo was a true DJ’s DJ, after hammering it out for four hours, he just changes the vibe to vocal house and had everyone grooving right to the end.

Pete Heller - "Big Love"

When you think of Ministry of Sound, it’s not just about the main room. The 'bar' or 103, as it’s now called, has been the 'house room' since day one and in my view still is! Through all the changes in music styles, when I play in 103 I always remember what it was like when I first came to Ministry of Sound. It was a fun room, where people chatted and danced and on special nights when the vibe was just right, everyone would be up dancing on the bar. So I always try to tip my hat to that old school house vibe when I play there. I remember dropping “Big Love” back in 2006 during one of my first sets for Housexy in 103 at about 5am and the place just erupted! And yes, everyone got up on the bar... It was a massive honour for me to achieve that!

Eric Prydz - "Pjanoo"

This is just wow! Prydz at his best! It’s a tune that Ministry of Sound totally own. From the dancefloor of the club to the fitness DVD's, it was everywhere. Any time I played it, it destroyed the dancefloor, and not just at Ministry of Sound but all over the world as it was always in my record box when I went on tour. EPIC!

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11 Apr 2014