Guy J: Lost & Found

We talked to Guy J about his record label, Lost & Found, his new single and playing The Gallery at Ministry of Sound.

Ahead of his hugely anticipated label showcase at Ministry of Sound this Friday, The Gallery's Nish Palawan caught up with Israeli producer Guy J to talk about his upcoming set, his new release and the ethos behind his Lost & Found Label. 

Hi Guy! Where are you right now?

I’m at home in Belgium - just about to leave for Loveland Festival in The Netherlands!

Your last visit to Ministry of Sound was in August 2013, playing alongside Hernan Cattaneo. How was that party for you?

That party was one of the best in 2013! It was amazing to play with Hernan back-to-back. He’s one of the best DJs out there and a real inspiration. I really love the crowd in London – they’re always up for a party and I feel they receive my music particularly well. Ministry of Sound is an amazing nightclub, a real clubbing institution, and it’s always a pleasure to play there. I can’t wait to come back!

What have you been up to since we last saw you?

I recently came back from Miami Music Week, which was incredible. I’ve actually been putting a lot of time and effort into my label recently. We’ve just announced the latest release, “Dizzy Moments / Diapsora” from myself, which will be available from the 14th April in digital format and also on Vinyl for the first time in the label’s history. I’ve been waiting a long time to release these two tracks, they’re particularly special to me and I’m very excited to finally make them available to the world.

This Friday is your Lost & Found label showcase. What is the concept behind Lost & Found?

Lost & Found is my record label, which I set up last year as a means to freely release the music that I love. We release around one EP per month, either from myself, or from producers who I’m really feeling at the time. This Friday will be a great opportunity for people to experience the type of music signed to the label, as well as to witness some amazingly talented DJs in action.

Why is The Box a fitting environment for Lost & Found?

Ministry's main room is one of the best rooms in the UK in my opinion. I love the fact that it’s big, but still dark, and the sound is just amazing. It’s definitely one of the best DJ booths in the world.

Will you compose your set differently here, compared to a normal stand alone club show?

I think the Lost & Found showcase will become a regular feature at Ministry of Sound so I’ll definitely be looking to give something a bit different to the norm. I'm really looking forward to discovering more sounds and different types of music on this journey.

Why did you select Robert Babicz & Eelke Kleijn, as special guests for the evening?

Eelke Kleijn released a massive song on the label last year called "Rampestamper", and he is a very talented producer. Having Eelke for the first showcase at Ministry means it’ll be a top quality night, and he’s sure to deliver some great music too. Robert Babicz is one of most inspiring producers out there. I really believe in one way or another he influenced me and the direction I’m taking with the label, so it’ll be a pleasure to have him down on the night.

What are the main challenges, running the record label in today’s climate?

The biggest challenge is to keep on delivering quality music, and to create a brand that people know will deliver good tracks by the most talented producers. Up until today the label has been recognized for doing that, and the challenge we now face is keeping this quality up and forever improving. Another thing I would say is, do not start a label if you’re in it for the money. Running an independent label is rarely lucrative, even if it’s a successful one so that’s something to keep in mind! 

What is the most important item you have lost in a nightclub?


Name one tune you will definitely be playing at The Gallery?

My new track - "Dizzy Moments". It’s coming out in a few days.

Finally a Gallery tradition: What can people expect from your set on Friday, in three words?

Energy, Dizzy, Lost

Amazing! thanks Guy.

You can see Guy J in person at the Lost & Found label showcase at The Gallery at Ministry of Sound

09 Apr 2014