Behind the Scenes


We got a bunch of models to brave our homemade Bass Cannon in the advertisement for our new Addicted to Bass compilation

We got a bunch of models to brave our homemade Bass Cannon in the advertisement for our new Addicted to Bass Compilation

To promote the launch of our new compilation , Ministry of Sound: Addicted to Bass, we wanted to create a TV ad that would accurately demonstrate the effect that such high concentrations of bass can have on the human body. We put our heads together and decided the best course of action was to get a bunch of models to stand in front of a camera and blast them in the face with an industrial fan and four or five leaf blowers. Scientists have assured us that only our DIY ‘Bass Cannon’ can accurately recreate the sonic impact that Ministry of Sound: Addicted to Bass will have on your brain. 

First to take on the bass cannon was rapper, TV presenter and voice-over man, Normski. Stepping up to the cannon with a determined look in his eye, like Columbus and Armstrong before him, Normski showed no fear as he took the first step into this brave new world of bass.

We caught up with him after to find out if the bass cannon was as tough as it looked

Hi Normski, how was the bass cannon?

Normski: It was something else. Let me tell you, I’ve been blown all over the world, but I’ve never been blown like that!

Do you think it accurately simulated the experience of listening to Addicted to Bass?

It came close, but you'd need a lot more bass in your face to match Addicted to Bass! This was a walk in the park, you'd need about three of these things to get to Addicted to Bass levels.

Sarah was up next and, after a couple of false starts, she got the hang of it

After she'd had time to recuperate we grabbed Sarah for a chat.

Hi Sarah! Were you nervous about the bass cannon?

Sarah: I was fine up until I stepped in front of the camera and saw the three guys holding all the leaf blowers. It was a bit scary!

And how was it?

It’s really hard to describe. When it hits you, you can’t really think of anything else. It’s really intense! You get really thirsty as well.

Was it like anything you’d done before?

Well I’d actually done it before, when I was about 14. Me and my friends did it to each other, but it was only with one leaf blower... not with five!

Would you recommend for children to try it at home?

No! Well unless you’re like one of those people that are into really intense experiences. Like those people that are into eating really hot chilies or something. I’d rather do another bass cannon that eat a really hot chili pepper.

Last up was Annie, who, despite being the smallest and looking like she might be blown away, managed to stick out the bass cannon longer than anyone else.

Hi Annie! So how did you find the bass cannon experience?

Annie: It was great fun! I can’t wait to watch the footage back and see just how distorted my face was and what my hair’s doing.

Was it difficult to stand in front of it for so long? It looked like it could be difficult to breathe.

Well I could breathe, thankfully! It made your mouth so dry though. I think keeping my eyes open was the biggest challenge, but once I relaxed it was fine. I think I handled it pretty well, right?

I think you lasted the longest out of everyone...

Oh really?! Wow, I’m so proud I lasted the longest!

Ministry of Sound: Addicted to Bass is released on 7th April.

Watch the finished TV ad below.

18 Mar 2014