03 Feb 2017

Markus Schulz
(open till close)

Fri 03 Feb 10:30PM - 06:00AM

The Box

Markus Schulz (6 hours - open till close)


To Be Announced

Baby Box

To Be Announced


To Be Announced

The Gallery: Markus Schulz | Friday 3rd February | Starts 10:30pm

MARKUS, MARKUS, MARKUS! For an unprecedented SIXTH occasion from open till close, our beloved international resident will undertake a mammoth SIX hour session in The Box. That’s Schulz at your service all night long baby, to begin proceedings light and melodic before gradually shifting towards the harder depths of ‘Rabbit Hole’ debauchery.

With Markus having attended The Gallery first as a clubber on moving to London, his intricate knowledge here means its these extended sessions where the Coldharbour boss can excel – going solo to specifically corrupt the dance floor into a hot and sticky mess. Any Unicorns in the vicinity better beware…