25 Sep 2016

Abode Summer Closing Day &
Night Party

Sun 25 Sep 02:00PM - 06:00AM

Car Park

Jack Swift & Devstar
Joe Wheeler
Blurred Rhythm
Dan Gayle & Osmi

The Box

GW Harrison
Rob Cockerton
Jimmy Switch
Ellie Cocks
JNR Windross
Danny Langan
Steven Cee
Lindsey Matthews


Paolo Francesco
Jarmo & Alex Smith
Sam Neicho
Deano Corona
Roger That
Chris Nottingham


Abode Summer Closing Day & Night Party
Sunday 25th September | Starts 2pm

Abode is London's biggest Sunday party and it's coming to Ministry of Sound all day on Sunday 25th September 2016.

Abode couldn't wait until Halloween to get back to London... So on Sunday 25th September they'll be doing a car park party here at Ministry of Sound. They've been going to events here for over 10 years and we can't wait for them to return.

Here is a taster of what to expect from Jack Swift & DEVSTAR...