29 Oct 2016

Justin Robertson
Man Power

Sat 29 Oct 10:00PM - 06:00AM

The Box

Justin Robertson
Man Power
Tim Sheridan

103: Secret Music

Rooty Sound SoundSystem
(Tayo & Frank Tope)

Baby Box: Rhythm 4 reason & friends

Rhythm 4 Reason
Fatfly & Tenacious
Acid Brothers & Sound out
Mark Dale & Paul mac
Electronic Youth


Kate Boss DJs

From a long background of warehouses, free beach parties in Ibiza, raves at DC10 and across Europe and the UK, VeryVeryWrongIndeed and its record label VeryVeryWrongIndeed Recordings are the end result of decades of work from of one of the UK’s underground heroes, Tim Sheridan.

A name synonymous with the wrongest parties, VeryVeryWrongIndeed would like to present a very special Halloween event at Ministry of Sound. Get ready for one of the biggest, craziest, loudest & most terrifying parties of the year.