09 Sep 2016

Dash Berlin
Gavyn Mytchel

Fri 09 Sep 10:30PM - 06:00AM

The Box

Dash Berlin
Gavyn Mytchel

103: Immoral

Paul Morrell
Jecque & Connell
Anthony Hartshorn

Baby Box: Global Language

Loft: Peace

Red & Blue
Zany & Albi
Faster Toni
Rui Manu
James Dyson

Dash Berlin is back, hurrah! So all ‘Dashers’ rejoice at the Dutchman’s annual Ministry outing of summer

In confidence his SD card will be stacked and ready - with the inventive ‘Dash-up’ reworks and melodic trance that crowned EDC Las Vegas amongst this summer’s other flasgship festivals. However also in store apart from the obligatory crowd pleasers, is exclusive and untested material which Dash saves especially for London. In the knowledge The Gallery’s famed open minded crowd provides a solid testing ground for productions fresh from the studio. An endorsement which means Dash’s energetic and interactive performance will take on extra special significance this Friday night..