26 Aug 2016

Tristan D

Fri 26 Aug 10:30PM - 06:00AM

The Box

Tristan D
Dan Thompson


Gavyn Mytchel
Nick Coles
John Warren
To Be Announced

Baby Box - Hyperspace

Alexandru Tudor
Cristina Dragos
Matthew John
Electra Nyx
Daddy Russell

Loft - Bedroom House Records

Ralph Kayden & DJ Criswell
Adam Scavo b2b Sebastian Lo
Carolyn F
Andrei Ticau
Ramilo Perez To Be Announced


The Gallery: ATB | Friday 26th August | Starts 10:30pm

As that old adage goes, the third time is always the best – right? We think so, as Andre Tanneberger graces The Box tonight to celebrate a hat-trick of Gallery shows at Ministry of Sound.

With last year’s debut a capacity crowd and the opening party for 2016 not far behind, the revered German has amassed a passionate fan base in the Capital city. Built on much more than that famous ‘pitch-bend’ synth sequence, but an emotive and almost angelic Trance sound which never fails to entice a rapturous reception. Hence maintaining ATB’s status at the forefront of this genre, ever since ‘Till I Come’ exploded almost seventeen years ago now! So expect the best of both eras this Friday night, with forward thinking new material from the studio laced with the obligatory classics which The Gallery faithful always wish for.