19 Aug 2016

Dada Life

Fri 19 Aug 10:30PM - 06:00AM

The Box

Dada Life
Will Gold



Gavyn Mytchel
Steve Lee
Unity & Drewbeats

Baby Box: Twisted Plastic

Guests of Twisted Plastic

Loft: Twisted Plastic

Guests of Twisted Plastic


The Gallery: Dada Life | Friday 19th August | Starts 10:30pm

Calling all esteemed residents of ‘Dada Land,’ as the Ministry opens up our borders to sanction free passage into The Box. 

But just remember to ‘arrive beautiful and leave ugly,’ the fun filled mantra on which all citizens of this sovereign nation abide by. This can only signal the return of DADA LIFE of course to SE London, as they lay claim to ‘Elephant & Castle’ as territory of Dada Land for one night only. Emphatic drops, wonky basslines and dirty riffs collectively don’t even begin to describe the wide ranging sound of this sought after Sweedish duo, who are sure to create the customary scenes of debauchery and mayhem in The Box tonight. 

Just remember when going through passport control, bananas and champagne are NOT prohibited – the more the merrier! Just remember to clear up the skins…