07 Oct 2016

Open Up
Simon Patterson & John Askew All Night Long

Fri 07 Oct 10:30PM - 06:00AM

The Box

Simon Patterson & John Askew All Night Long


Dave Pearce
Matt Darey
Scott Bond
Gavyn Mytchel 

Baby Box: Ravers Army

UCast ( London Debut )
Josh Bailey Music
Davey Asprey
Cold Blue
Ross Smith
DJ JD Love

Loft: Subbass

Prerna Singh
Martin Valentino
George Alexande

The Gallery: Open Up with Simon Patterson & John Askew | Friday 7th October | Starts 10:30pm

A long night in store especially for those who like it hard, as ‘Psymon’ plus Askew combine record boxes for SIX hours of fun.

However in following such luminaries as Markus Schulz plus Gabriel & Dresden to control The Box all night long, expect this respected duo to lovingly craft an exclusive B2B performance - in a manner not conducive for an individual performance at peak time. Hence gradually working up through the musical gears, transitioning the BPM count towards slamming beats more recognised as their status quo.

Plus being great friends and enjoying a close bond outside the booth, bodes well for an emphatic open till close effort which will forever be remembered. Whereby John and Simon will push each other to achieve new heights, combining tracks both vintage and new in an innovative and engaging manner. As the iconic placard on entering The Box warns, ‘CAUTION – EXCESSIVE SOUND LEVELS.’ In Ministry’s illustrious twenty five year history, never has a line-up been so fitting.